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What Exactly Does My CT Hosting Company Do For Me?

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Wed, Aug 05, 2015 @ 02:30 PM

Web-HostingWe’ve found that sometimes clients are embarrassed to ask, but they aren’t exactly aware of what they are paying their hosting company for. On some occasions, a business owner will call in and ask this valid question, “what do you do for my business and my website?” This post will provide a brief overview of how your website is put together, as well as the main services that a CT hosting company provides for your business, or in other words, we will discuss what you wanted to know about how your website works but were embarrassed to ask.

Domain Registration

Whether you refer to it as a domain name, URL, or Website name, it is all related; it’s your businesses Internet address. While your business likely has a physical address, a domain is similar to a virtual address where prospects can find your business. So, just like you need to either buy or rent the address where your business resides, you also need to lease your virtual address, a process typically called domain registration.

Website Development

You may not have known this, but your website is basically a compilation of files, working in conjunction with one another. For example, when you navigate to one of your site’s pages, you should see .html, .cfm, or .php at the end of a page’s web address.
Note: You may not see anything depending on how your site was developed. Regardless, your visitors will need to be able to access these files to view your website. Basically, your hosting provider assists these transactions by storing these files on “computer” where visitors can see your files. These computers are often referred to as servers.

Web Hosting

So, now that you understand the basic concept of servers holding your website’s files, we can move on. Your hosting company actually owns these servers where you have uploaded your sites files. Your hosting company is responsible for making your site publicly accessible and their main job, in this respect, is to make sure that their servers (and your site) are up and running. On top of these responsibilities, they must also ensure that they stay up-to-date with security protocols to prevent your site from being hacked. This is one of the main reasons why it is important to hire a reputable hosting company.

ImageWorks, LLC | Website Hosting Services

We offer several levels of hosting, providing state-of-the-art technology with unmatched level of service, strategic partnerships and top industry professionals to provide you with affordable hosting solutions. Whether you are representing a business that is looking to publish its first website or you want to enhance your web presence, we can offer a hosting plan to fit your needs!

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