CT Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses

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Create custom compelling ads for products

Target specific audiences for your business

Measure results to help your business grow

Set ad budget for each ad shown

Facebook advertising is an effective method to draw attention to your business and develop stronger ties to your customers. Every month more than 1.6 billion people log in to Facebook.

Facebook ads allow consumers to always have your business in the back of their mind as they search for products and services. Many customers subconsciously take in what they see on Facebook and will do research on the brand right from their Facebook newsfeed. While the 900 million daily users of Facebook are scrolling aimlessly, your ad can draw them in and a new sale could be made.

The Benefits Of Using Facebook Advertising For Your Business:

  • The demographic options for Facebook ads can help create very specific target audiences
  • Facebook has a massive audience which includes your customers!
  • Easily track spend, performance and ROI
  • Gain an edge over your customers

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