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Internet Marketing Tips from an Inbound Marketing Agency

Posted by Danielle Allard on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

internet marketing tipsThe Internet can be your most powerful marketing tool if used correctly. In 2013, you'll see even more companies make the shift from using traditional marketing methods, to investing in more effective and cost efficient internet marketing strategies. As an inbound marketing agency and CT web design firm, we live and breathe this stuff every day, but we recognize that not every business is as web savvy as we are. In fact, just the other day we received a question about where the internet was physically located. Okay, so we're not going to break it down that much, but we are going to give you the guidelines on how to be successful at internet marketing. Our inbound marketing agency implements these tips every day and we know it will work for you too.

  • Start using keywords. This is how you get found people! Keywords should be relevant to your business and accurately depict what your business is all about. Think like a consumer. What will they be typing into Google? Jot down a list of a few phrases or words that you think someone will search for that will lead them to your website. 
  • Learn about SEO. So, now that you have your keywords, use them! Include them in the content of your website to help increase the chance someone will be able to find your website. Caution, throwing these words around your website haphazardly will get you into trouble with Google and your visitors will quickly leave once they start reading an incoherent web page. Where you do want to focus on using keywords are places like your page title, meta descriptions, headings, URLs, images and back end coding. 
  • Blog your brains out. One of the most important principles of blogging that companies struggle with is that a blog is not promotional by nature. If you are constantly writing articles about why your company is so great and the answer to all problems, people will read one post and never come back. Business blogging should be about sharing industry expertise and presenting yourself as an authority and knowledgeable source. Start by creating a blogging calendar of the days you will be able to publish a post. The key to blogging is consistency! Plan your content ahead of time and once you have an audience, don't disappoint them by forgetting to publish on the days they are expecting you to. 
  • Embrace what is social. Today, successful marketers know the importance of sharing their content on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Use social media to spread the word about a new blog post, or whitepaper you are offering. A good social media strategy also includes information that consumers would find interesting and relevant in your industry. Don't be afraid to share a great news article or interesting data from other companies in your industry. Open the lines of communication. You'll be surprised how many retweets and shares you get from others who appreciate your mentioning of them. 

  • Improve your analytics. Why waste time implementing an internet marketing strategy if you can't measure your results or see how to improve? Using software such as Hubspot will help you to easily discover areas to improve upon. Are you getting a lot of traffic, but not converting more leads? How many new visitors is your site generating? Monitoring these numbers will allow you to tailor your content and internet marketing efforts to help specific goals. 
It's important to remember that good internet marketing means implementing an actual strategy. These internet marketing tips are an outline on where to start. Download our FREE Internet Marketing eBook for complete details. 
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