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5 Blogging Tips to Increase Website Traffic

Posted by Danielle Allard on Mon, Feb 18, 2013 @ 10:55 AM

increase website traffic by bloggingAs an inbound marketing content writer, blogging is equivalent to breathing to me. Of course, businesses don't need to have the same love of grammar and punctuation as I do, but if you have a blog, there are a few best practices you'll want to follow in order to make your efforts worthwhile. If you're not blogging the right way, no one is ever going to read your content, and your time and money spent, are all for naught. We know how smart you are, and that you realize by now how critical blogging is if you want to increase website traffic. We are not going to sell you on why you should blog this time, though you can always re-read our previous posts if you need a refresher. What we are going to do is to help you get your blog on the right track to increased website traffic. Use the following tips to go from a blog zero to hero in no time. 

  1. It's all about format. Have you ever typed a simple question into Google and gotten a not so simple answer? You get page beyond page of text that you would no more read through than take an icy dive into the Atlantic this time of year in New England. Paragraph after paragraph of bland 12 point, Times New Roman, isn't going to build you an audience, even if the content is stellar. You have to break up your blog post. Use an eye catching image, number your main points and don't forget to hit the enter key once in a while. People get bored easily; an unfortunate, but true fact. Inbound marketing caters to how people actually think, that's why it is so successful. If you want to increase your website traffic, your blog should be formatted in a way that invites visitors to read more. 
  2. Remember your tone. While one of the purposes of a blog is to position yourself and your business as a leader in the industry, you don't want to forget about your audience. Your blog should be conversational and in a tone of voice that your readers can relate to. If all you do is spew facts and information about your industry and how great your business is, the chances your visitors will keep coming back to read your posts is slim to none. Don't be too wordy either. No one likes a poser, or a business who is clearly trying to sound overly intelligent. Don't try to sell your readers on your knowledge, just be knowledgeable. Keep it simple, stupid. Increase website traffic by writing your blog as if you were a reader or consumer yourself. 

  3. Stay relevant. While a great idea for content is to review or compare a product, or post your own thoughts on newsworthy events, you don't want to write about events that have occurred too far in the past. You also don't want to review version 1.0 of a product that is now up to version 9.0. You get the picture. It may sound obvious, but you'll be surprised about how many new blog posts you can find on topics that are just oh so yesterday. 
  4. Promote via social. Don't forget that you may be following all of these fantastic blogging best practices, but if you don't share what you're doing, no one can read it! Use software such as Hubspot, that automates the process, publishing your newest posts to your social pages as soon as you hit publish. Remember to go back to them during the days, weeks and months to come, and retweet, repost and keep driving more traffic back to them. 
  5. Include a CTA. Including a call to action within your post is critical to keeping your readers engaged with your business. They may have loved what you have to say, but without a call-to-action, they are left searching for what to do next. Make it easy on them. Include a call-to-action and include links back to your website. 
Use these tips to increase website traffic and start blogging better. Don't forget that your blog still needs to be optimized to be picked up in search engines. Download the guide for more information on SEO and getting your business found. 
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