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5 Signs You Need a New Website

Posted by Danielle Allard on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 @ 02:17 PM

Website redesignYour website is one of the most critical components to the success of your business. The Internet has turned into the go-to-place to look up information about a business, and if your website does not accurately reflect all you have to offer, you are losing valuable opportunities. A website is composed of multiple elements that will determine whether or not a customer chooses to use your business. It not only has to look nice, but it has to have solid content, be search engine optimized, have a fast load time and more. If you read this post and think of your website, it's probably time to consider a redesign. 

  1. Your website has no purpose. 

    The main purpose of having a business website is to help facilitate your business, of course! Whether your goal is to gain increased brand awareness, obtain more leads, sell a product or service, or provide general information, your visitors should understand exactly what it is you are offering in the first few seconds of landing on your site. Just having a website is not enough. Your calls-to-action should also reflect what you are trying to achieve. If a visitor was to stumble upon your site, would they know what to do and how to do it? Bottom line, your website needs a purpose in order for it to be effective. 
  2. You can't update your own content. 

    If you have to promise your first born child to your web designer in order to make an update on your website, you probably need a new one. The majority of sites today are built on Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow a non-technical person to make simple changes easily. There are a variety of platforms you can choose for your CMS. Whichever one you decide upon, the whole point is to make your life easier, not harder. A good web design firm will offer appropriate training to help you learn the new system. 

  3. Your site doesn't pass the blink test. 

    First impressions are everything. When a visitors lands on your website, they will judge whether or not your website is worth their time in three to five seconds. That's it. Three to five seconds is all you have to make a stellar first impression; one that will lead your visitor to take action. Your website should grab your viewer's attention and get your message across. Your website design should be attractive and eye catching, but not flashy enough that it is confusing. An experienced web designer will be able to guide you to the design that is right for your business.

  4. Your content is outdated. 

    If the purpose of your website is to provide more information to your visitors, but your information is incorrect, the likelihood that those visitors will turn into customers is slim to none. You'd be surprised how many websites are ridden with spelling and grammatical errors, old content, and an inconsistent message. Your content should be up to date, especially if you have e-commerce and your intent is to sell products. Whether you hire content writers or write the content yourself, your website should be free of inconsistencies. 

  5. You can't find your own website on Google.

    If you can't find your own website, what do you think the chances are that visitors are finding your website? A good website is properly search engine optimized, so that your website shows up when someone types in the keywords most relevant to your business. If your website is not coming up when you type in the actual name of your business, that's an even bigger problem. Hiring a website design firm that also offers search engine optimization services is a good way to ensure your site looks great and is easily searchable.

If any of these signs describe your website, it's time for a redesign! ImageWorks has been in business for over 14 years and can help you with your redesign project.
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