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Email + Hubspot = Patrice Bergeron?

Posted by Danielle Allard on Fri, Jun 07, 2013 @ 02:47 PM

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Even if you aren't a fan of the Bruins, you can't deny Patrice Bergeron's very loveable attributes. I mean, what's more clutch than a double OT, game 3 goal? Not much. Okay, rant over.

As a Boston sports junkie, I am subscribed to just about every sports outlet email list out there. I get literally hundreds of emails each week from sports sites that keep me in the loop. Unfortunately, all emails aren't as loveable as these.

In fact, love is probably the opposite feeling evoked when you receive yet another email that is destined to rot in your unread folder forever. A recent study by Constant Contact sites the top reasons consumers unsubscribe from emails: 

  • 69% Too many emails from the business/organization
  • 56% The content is no longer relevant
  • 51% The content wasn’t what I expected
Many businesses struggle with determining the right frequency and type of content to send to their email lists. Granted, there are worse things in life than someone unsubscribing from your emails, but as Hubspot says, the goal is to create marketing that people actually love.
You may be thinking that love is a strong word; The consumers on the other end of cyberspace are never going to love your emails. They may occasionally enjoy, utilize, or even L-O-L at your content, but love?
Hubspot's email tool gives you everything you need to create that warm and fuzzy feeling, by making it easy to follow some email marketing best practices. So, if you're in the mood for a little extra love today, here are just a few reasons that Hubspot is totally the Patrice Bergeron of email marketing. 

  1. You can segment contacts to improve effectiveness.

    Effective email marketing means you are sending content that is relevant to each visitor. A person who has been to your site multiple times, or has filled out a form in the past, is different from one who is there for the first time. Different behavior warrants different actions on the marketers end.

    What is great about Hubspot is the fact that you can easily create segmented lists based on a variety of different properties. You can send emails based around everything from number of page views, to form submissions, to geographic location. The more you tailor your content, the more likely your emails will be read, clicked and engaged with. 
  2. You can automatically send emails that are optimized for mobile. 

    Not that anyone needs to be reminded, but these days smartphones are the equivalent to air for most people. That being said, emails optimized for mobile devices should be a given for marketers. 

    According to a report by Knotice, in the last half of 2012, 41.09% of all emails were opened on a mobile device (phones and/or tablets) which is an increase of 14% from early 2012 numbers of 36.08% -- a 14% increase in just six months, and a full 50% increase over the same time the year before. Luckily if you use Hubspot, all of your emails (and landing pages!) are automatically optimized for mobile devices, and what's easier than automatic? 
  3. You can auto-schedule emails to be sent out in the future.

    Speaking of automatic, with Hubspot you are given the power to be as loveable and nurturing as possible in the email world. Nurturing your leads is absolutely critical if you want your campaigns to be successful. Not only can you use the workflow tool to send follow up emails with your contacts, but you can schedule them to be sent out over time. In this way you are offering your help in different stages, instead of overwhelming them all at once. 
  4. You have access to super insightful analytics. 

    Using the email tool in Hubspot enables you to see who opened your email, clicked through your email, and even which links were clicked. Not only that, but because you can also view analytics for multiple channels, you can see if your contacts came from a social media platform, if they've previously engaged with you, and more. With all of the information and statistics available, your emails can then be tailored to best fit the needs of each contact. 
  5. You can personalize your emails in just about every way possible.

    Undoubtedly you've received the very personal, "Hi First Name," at some point in your lifetime of email opening. With Hubspot you can quickly and easily personalize your email messages so the recipient feels a little more loved. Hubspot's email tool includes personalization tokens that can be dropped in where you want. From Twitter follower count, to job title, the personalization capabilities are just about unlimited. If that's not enough, you can also use HubSpot’s Smart CTAs to customize the images or call-to-action buttons in your email. 
So, there are a few things you should takeaway from this post. The first is that your emails need to be targeted, optimized for mobile, analyzed, and personalized. The second is that Hubspot makes it easy to do all of these things and more. The third is that you should be rooting for Bergeron and the Bruins. Okay, the last one is optional.

Emails are only a small piece of an effective inbound marketing strategy. Download our FREE guide on lead generation to learn more!

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