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Could NOT Running a Digital Marketing Campaign Cost You the Election?

Posted by John Kleinhans on Thu, Jul 27, 2017 @ 10:40 AM

Digital marketing is a crucial part of reaching your target audience in this day and age. Unfortunately, it is widely overlooked in political campaigns. According to CT Mirror, during the 2016 election season, Connecticut Republicans spent 12 times what Democrats spent on digital marketing, playing a major role in Republicans gaining 8 house seats and 3 senate seats.

These results show us that investing in digital marketing can make all the difference in a political campaign. The experts at ImageWorks have designed strategic digital marketing campaigns that have won political campaigns when they matter the most. This election season, it’s imperative that your local candidates for office are speaking directly to voters online. 

Here are some ways that our team at ImageWorks can provide your political campaign with the digital marketing services necessary to win your next election, complete with examples of past clients.

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Targeted Audience

One of the best aspects of digital marketing is the ability to send targeted messages. Voters can be targeted based on location, interests, demographics, and more. Some ads might be visible to everyone visiting a certain website, while others will be displayed to individuals based on data a website collects. Your target audience will be the only ones seeing your ads, ensuring relevance and impact with each view. A campaign also has the ability to adjust the frequency at which these ads are seen, and at what time of day they are consumed.

With our ability to target your voters directly, your campaign won’t waste resources on traditional advertising tools that are less effective in the digital age.


Digital marketing has the unique feature of easily measured progress. Due to tools such as our new reporting dashboard, we are able to track metrics to determine the effectiveness of an ad and how your voters are reacting to it. If certain ads are not performing well, we can make appropriate adjustments in order to ensure that your ads will perform better in the future.

Changing the Message

Because everything produced on the internet is instantaneous, you can make immediate changes that will start producing better results right away. This type of immediate adjustment is not possible in other advertising mediums, where research, polling, and certain approval processes will have to take place before making adjustments.

These easy adjustments also gives us the ability to run multiple messages to various demographics at the same time, which can increase your impact directly on your voters.


Although people are weary of automated services, when created properly, they can yield better results while saving time, money, and manpower. When you choose to run paid ads, you can waste funds bidding on ads yourself, or make use of our Proprietary Bidding Algorithm.

This algorithm will track down where your audience is most likely to be and when they are most likely to act, while performing real time bidding tailored to your target audience. Using this algorithm will ensure that your ads are placed in the most effective locations at the most effective times, while allowing you to focus your manpower in other aspects of your campaign.


Display Advertising

Display ads can consist of banner ads, rich media and other mediums, relying on images, audio and video to get their message across. Display ads can be used all across the Internet on different sites to maximize their reach. Ads of this nature are high-impact, as they grab the reader’s attention and are memorable. Display ads are a great way to raise awareness of your candidate and get people to take actions such as voting, volunteering, or donating money.

Our team at ImageWorks will hand pick the websites your campaign advertises on to maximize your desired reach. It is imperative that your strategy fits your local demographic and voter. Therefore, we take the extra time and effort to strategize specifically for your race or candidate. These websites include national news, sports and entertainment as well as local news outlets in your community.

Check out these display ads we’ve created for past campaigns!

ad5-1.jpg ad 2.png




Social Media

Social media is an important tool to build relationships with voters. People live online and therefore it gives campaigns the ability to reach voters instantaneously at any time during the day.

It can be a great outlet to share news about your candidate or campaign while building their personal brand with potential voters of all demographics. Social media will demonstrate that your candidate is active in the campaign and his or her pursuits while connecting with voters and humanizing the candidate. An active social media presence is crucial in building a public persona and connecting with voters.

Our team at ImageWorks can manage the day-to-day activity of all of your social media networks and help build your personal brand.

Email Marketing 

Communicating to your voters and supporters through a constant email marketing program can be incredibly beneficial to your campaign. Once potential voters have demonstrated interest in your candidate, email marketing is an effective tool to keep them engaged.

Provide frequent news updates about the campaign and your candidate and keep your voters involved in the process and excited about the candidate. Our team at ImageWorks has the ability to customize this email marketing program for you over the course of a few weeks or even several months.


ImageWorks, LLC | Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns

ImageWorks, LLC is a CT digital marketing company that uses state of the art techniques to help grow your political campaign. We offer social media management, email marketing, and our one-of-a-kind Proprietary Bidding Algorithm to maximize effectiveness of paid ads in real time. If you’re looking to invest in digital marketing for your next political campaign, contact us today.

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