What Are The Advantages Of Having An Online Business Presence?

Posted by Kelsey Ringuette on Wed, Dec 02, 2015 @ 03:00 PM

The growing technological world creates unlimited possibilities that allow for businesses even small businesses alike to expand. The Internet allows businesses to increase visibility, reach and sales, as well as expand to larger audiences. Understanding the benefits of utilizing the Internet can maximize the potential of your organization and teach you to adapt as the online world changes and grows.

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Expanding Your Business Reach 

Having a presence online will help your business expand with the capabilities of reaching more people. Nowadays almost everyone has access to the internet which means you can communicate with more people and effectively spread awareness of your products and services. Not having an online presence may actually end up hurting your business because as technology grows so should your business and if you don't, you may lose credibility.  With an online marketing strategy, you are able to utilize the various techniques to communicate on several platforms the online world offers. Expand reach by using social media, seo strategies and business blogging. 

More Information

People need to get to know you and how your brand  can benefit them. They need detailed information that helps determine whether you can help them better than the competition. Online strategies allow for more content to  be seen rather than sending out information through the mail. E-commerce strategies break the limitations that occur with traditional methods  such as sending promotions and information through the mail or in paper ads. You'll be able to offer more information on your websites pages to describe specific products or services. Also, you'll be able to create blogs that allow for people to better understand specific topics related to your brand. Once you know what content to add to your website, you can start the optimization process to improve your search engine rankings. 

Promotional Opportunities

The internet allows for more promotional techniques without being too overwhelming for the consumer. The worst part about going to a car dealership is there's always a sales person pushing you to buy a car when all you wanted to do was look around and find the car that works best for you and your budget. Instead of looking around and then having someone there to talk to when you need information, you are constantly interrupted and feel pressured into a sale. The internet allow for a lot of promotional opportunities but the same annoyance can happen with online promotions so it's important to utilize the various methods with an effective strategy. Offer discounts on your website and send emails promoting your site and valuable information without sending too many or you'll end up in the spam folder. Utilize online platforms such as social media to inform, communicate, build relationships and every now and then, throw in some promotional offers to engage them with your site. 

Increase Sales 

According to Forbes, e-commerce sales in the US rose by $33 billion from 2011 to 2012. Mobile shopping alone is predicted to represent a quarter of all e-commerce by 2016 and by 2014, mobile will account for 30% of all US Internet access and will likely surpass total desktop usage. As the online worlds grows, it is imperative that businesses grow with it and adapt to all the new features such as mobile integration. Without an online presence, you won't be able to communicate as effectively as you would with the ever growing opportunities online. Your sales will increase because you are able to reach more people, communicate through more detailed content and build credibility with strong relationships. 

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