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10 Holiday Social Media Tips for Your Business

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Tue, Dec 04, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

holiday social media marketingThe holiday season is an exciting time of the year with beautiful decorations and fun, heartwarming celebrations with family and friends. It’s also a very important time of year for many businesses who make a majority of their sales during this season. To maximize your sales during the holidays, it’s important to take advantage of every type of marketing possible, and that means social media marketing. If you’re looking for some tips to make the most of your business’s social media this holiday season, we've got you covered!


1. Use Holiday-Themed Visuals

Visuals are essential to grab the attention of your followers scrolling through their news feeds. Make use of holiday-themed visuals during this time of year, especially ones with attention-grabbing elements such as lights, glitter, and bright colors. Because holiday photos dominate social media feeds during this time of year, consider adding motion in the form of videos or gifs to help grab attention.

2. Tug on the Heart Strings

It’s no secret that people are much more sentimental during this time of the year. Posts with emotional or heartwarming Christmas tales are very successful during the holidays for this reason. Consider sharing a sentimental Christmas story or cute photos of pets in holiday settings. The more your holiday posts touch your followers, the more likely they will be to share them.

3. Add a Holiday Theme to Your Profile

Adding a holiday theme to your profile is a great way to keep your brand festive and relevant during the holiday season. Add a holiday sentiment to your bio, but keep it short and concise. Consider giving your profile picture a festive spin as well. Adding a holiday theme to your profile will get your followers excited about the holiday season and ready to make holiday purchases.

4. Ask Holiday-Themed Questions

Asking holiday-themed questions is a great way to encourage engagement on your posts. Include a fun holiday image and a short, specific question that your followers will want to answer. Consider “choose your favorite” type questions that relate to both the holidays and your customer. Place two relevant images side by side and ask, “Which one would you rather see under the Christmas Tree?” Questions of this sort will help encourage engagement on your posts and stay relevant during the holiday season.

5. Reflect on the Past Year

The holiday season marks the end of another year, making it a good time to reflect. Reflecting on the past year is a great opportunity to give your brand a personal touch. Share any company milestones or big events that occurred over the past year. Consider hosting a series highlighting different employees. Adding a personal touch to your marketing strategy is a great way to promote trust among your followers and tap into the sentimentality of the holiday season.

6. Use Nostalgia

During the holiday season, people love to reminisce about better times and the “good ol’ days.” You can use this nostalgia to your advantage, showcasing old products or memories from past holiday seasons. Promoting this feeling of nostalgia will cause your followers to feel more connected to your brand during this time of the year. Posts of this sort will also encourage engagement, as followers will comment with their own memories of years past.

7. Use User-Generated Content

Encourage your followers to take pictures of themselves using your product in holiday settings. Make it fun for them to share these pictures. Consider a contest with a hashtag to encourage these photos and to make it easy for you to sort through. Using user-generated content is a great way to create excitement and engagement around your brand and generate a large volume of holiday-themed content for your brand.

8. Post In-Store Photos

Consider posting photos inside the store. Show off your holiday decorations to show your followers that your business has the holiday spirit. Highlight in-store holiday events such as visits from Santa or charity events. Posting in-store photos is a great way to make your brand feel more personal and stay relevant during the holiday season.

9. Create a “12 Days of” Series

The 12 Days of Christmas is a very famous Christmas song that created a great marketing opportunity for businesses. A “12 Days of” series is a great way to create a holiday-themed series that your viewers want to follow. Consider ’12 Days of Tools” for a hardware store or “12 Days of Puppies” for a pet groomer. With each post, you can feature different products, offers, and sales. A series of posts such as this one will encourage your followers to look at other posts in the series and follow your page to see the next update.

10. Hold Holiday Giveaways

Social media contests are a great way to encourage sharing and engagement with your posts. The holiday season is the perfect time to host special giveaway contests. Encourage viewers to share and comment on the post and to like your business’s page. Select one follower who participates in the contest to receive some sort of giveaway with holiday treats. A holiday giveaway is a great way to promote engagement with your posts while promoting the holiday spirit.


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