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10 Quick Tips For Improving Your Website's SEO Strategy

Posted by Stephen Pace on Fri, Aug 07, 2015 @ 02:20 PM


1. Strong Content

Creating strong keyword rich content is one of the absolute best ways to boost your SEO. Writing concise paragraphs that flow well and make strong points is better then long articles. Articles online, unlike your high school reports, should be kept short and to the point so that you do not bore your readers.

2. Don’t Force Keywords

Although having keyword rich content is important you never want to force keywords. When you edit your content before adding it to your website remove any unnecessary keywords that interrupt the flow of your sentence.

3. Back With Industry Links

One of the best ways to strengthen your position as an expert is referring to industry links. This shows that you keep up with trends and information from your industry to then pass on to your clients.

4. Write “Customer Search” Titles

When you write the title for your blogs or content write it the way it would be searched by the customer. Forming questions as a title is a great way to optimize and grab the attention of your websites visitors. Also by adding keywords into these titles you can optimize your page even more.

5. One Keyword Per Page

Don’t get greedy with your keywords, one strong keyword per page will benefit you more then eight weak keywords. Also with only using one keyword you can place it in your title tag, header, content, and meta tags more effectively.

6. Enrich Photo Captions With Keywords

Each photos description and alternative tag can be edited so that they are keyword rich. The more strategic these keywords are placed the more optimized your website will become

7. Understand Social Media

If you understand social media and have multiple social media accounts for your business this could also help with your sites optimization. Also using your social media pages to share your content you can further its exposure.

8. Draw From Competitors

Check out your competitor’s websites and see what their ranks are on search engines. Decide if certain keywords are worth competing for or if you should use other ones. This can help give your business a competitive edge and further improve its rank on search engines.

9. Mobile Friendly

Most searches these days are made from a mobile device, which makes a mobile friendly site a necessity. This will help you capture as many visits and possible customers as you can.

10. Google Alerts

If you are unsure about certain keywords to use opening an account on Google alerts and testing them is an effective technique. This will show you what keywords get more attention from the media and customers and which ones do not.

If you would like to learn more about SEO and how it could benefit your website check out the link below!

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