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4 Up And Coming Web Design Trends You Need To Try

Posted by Kelsey Ringuette on Fri, Sep 02, 2016 @ 11:30 AM

New web design trends are constantly arising and a lot of business overlook how powerful the first impression of a website can be. There a thousands of other businesses that provide the same products and services. Therefore, your design is a vital element that can mean the difference between generating traffic and sitting around wondering why no one seems to be staying on your website. Strive to do more than just stay afloat by implementing new up and coming web design trends that help your business thrive rather than looking like an outdated mess. 


Hand Drawn Websites

With thousands of other websites out there offering the same products and services you do, a personal touch adding a creative design will help capture prospects' attention and intrigue them to learn further about your business. You can add a personal touch with hand drawn websites. Sketching designs on your website conveys and reflects your individual style giving your prospects a better perspective of your brand and getting to know your style on a more personal level. 

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

With technology advancing and becoming smarter every second, people have a certain dependency on artificial intelligence. As mobile and tablets arise as the preferred method of online interaction so have the use of apps and website clickability. Why not use this to your advantage by adding A.I. components to your website, boosting the level of  interaction.

According to Fast Company, programs like Cortana, Siri, and GoButler are racing to obliterate our ability to discern between man and machine. Virtual assistants such as these will have a tremendous impact on how users interact with web and mobile apps. AI newbies can get started by using various WordPress plugins like The Client Relations Factory, which puts an animated, autonomous customer-service representative on your website (Source). 

Hero Images

There is no denying it. People want a website that is informative but ultimately stay on the website to find information when the design is aesthetically appealing. Hero Images offer one big and bold image that acts as large attractive header to quickly catch the eye. Essentially, this web design trend is a large banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center. Here are  some ways businesses are using hero images (Source):

  • To help build a brand 

  • To answer customer questions

  • To highlight value proposition

  • To make an announcement

  • To feature a product or product line

Rich Animations

Lead the eye by utilizing fun and creative animations throughout your website. Rich animations are great transition tools as well as highlighting specific features on your website. An animated element will help specific items on a website stand out from the other components on the page. However, don't go overboard and implement animations everywhere. This will distract the eye and confuse the viewer. Keep the animations simple, avoid adding sound but make sure they match your website's color theme and personality. Below is an example of a rich animation (Source):


Image Works LLC | Web Design 

Whether you are a start up and need a new site, or a re-design of an existing site, our team will work with your team to create a new Web presence that will energize your business.

Our custom designed solutions are built around your individual needs, and focused on your specific messaging, functionality, and inbound lead generation needs in mind. Our state of the art knowledge and continuous research and development efforts always take advantage of the newest technologies, insuring your project will be cross platform compatible, mobile ready, and easy to use.

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