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5 SEO Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by Stephen Pace on Wed, Jun 24, 2015 @ 08:58 AM


SEO is a science that requires consistent research and practice. Since technology is changing everyday it is important to keep up with new trends and keywords. By using SEO tips and trying to make your website as complete as possible you can gain a lot of customers and attention.

1. Broken Links

Surprisingly this is a common occurrence that many websites overlook. So if you click on a link and it does not work then all of your hard work to bring views to the page is wasted. Make sure that before your site is launched or optimized that all of your links are connected and working.

2. Duplicating Your Own Content

When you are writing the content for your site try not to copy and paste. This confuses the algorithms that Google uses and wont help your website move up the list. Also if you repeat content then it can affect the credibility of your site and company.

3. Ignoring The Meta Description

A Meta description gives you the opportunity to attract viewers and optimize your site. Each page has specific keywords that when included in the Meta description helps give the keywords more exposure. With the right amount of keywords you can optimize your site and increase your sites traffic.

4. Not Using The Right Keywords

When you use SEO marketing on your website you need to think about what the customer will be searching for. This is the first step to pulling new viewers into the funnel and directing them into customers. By using keywords in your content and titles you can further direct these future customers to your site.

5. Not Localizing Your Search

If you are using SEO marketing as a primary tool to bring customers into your local business you need to localize your search. If your company only operates in a specific area or state then include those keywords into your SEO local. For example if you are a contractor that only works out of the Bronx then you want to use the keyword     “Bronx contractor.”

Hopefully now it is understood that there are so many aspects to successful SEO. The optimization of your site needs to be considered in each step of it’s development for the best results.

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