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6 Ways to Connect People with Your Brand

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Jul 13, 2022 @ 10:30 AM

Looking for ways to better connect people with your brand? Depositphotos_162773334_LYou might be feeling like you can produce better results only if you knew the right strategies. Here’s 6 ways to connect people with your brand:

6 Ways to Connect People with Your Brand

Make People Trust You

You have to earn people’s trust with your business, trust is not something that can be bought. Play to the strengths of your business and build trust by posting customer reviews, responding to customers, telling captivating stories, and creating surveys for your audience. Build the community around you by establishing trust early on in your brand. Consider giving back to local charities through your business to build trust in your community. Instead of asking what people can do for your brand, think about what your brand can do for them. Relate your mission statement back to helping others. When your desire to help is authentic, opportunities will start to arise for your brand.

Tell Authentic Stories

Sharing authentic stories with your audience is one of the best ways to connect people with your brand. You want to show your audience the qualities of your brand, not tell them. Sharing an authentic story creates emotional resonance in your audience, thus personalizing your brand to them. When an emotional connection is established, your audience is more likely to return to your brand. You should aim to have consistency in your stories to work towards establishing trust. Creating an emotional response in the viewer makes your story stand out from the others content they view online.

Keep it Personal, Not Transactional

Connect people with your business by keeping experiences with your brand personal instead of transactional. You should strive to personalize each person’s experience with your brand by being real with your customers. Go above and beyond and show them that you care about their concerns. Nobody likes a salesperson, avoid a tone that makes you sound like you are just trying to sell them something. Don’t use a one size fits all approach when interacting with your audience, expect everyone to respond differently to your brand.

Be Active on Social Media

Being active on social media helps people to connect with your brand by putting you directly in front of your intended audience. Social media gives you the chance to interact with your customers in their day-to-day lives, where as a single shopping experience would not. You have the opportunity to express interest in your customer’s lives on social media and interact with them organically. Social media is a great way to show your personality as a business and create a brand image. Leverage holidays, events, and customer stories on your social media to create a connection with your brand.

Show Your Appreciation

Your audience likes to feel appreciated by the brand they are interacting with. You can give back to your audience online by creating quality content they can leverage in their personal lives. Your audience craves quality content from your brand to consume. You should go one step further and connect with your customers by showing you appreciate their business. Don’t be afraid to give your customers the “thank you” they deserve. Your audience will feel an instant connection when you appreciate them.

Remember the Human in Your Brand

Aim to embrace personalization and show your audience that there is human element to your brand if you wish to connect with your audience. People connect most with brands that are real with their customers and act “human” versus just being a business entity. When people see that your brand is more than just pushy salespeople or pop up ads, they will find it easier to make a personal connection to your brand. A good way to show the human side to your brand is to open up your office and showcase your employees and their workspace. Get the top executives involved if you want extended results, your audience connects better with a brand whose CEO or owner regularly interacts with people on social media.

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