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Sarah Gamache

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4 Tips for Launching Your Start-Up

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Oct 05, 2022 @ 12:00 PM

There’s no better time to launch a start-up than right now. However, for those who do not know much about launching a start-up, this can be a daunting task with many pieces that come together like a puzzle. We’ve got your back during this intimidating process, here’s 4 tips you’ll need to successfully launch your start-up.

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Topics: online marketing, Startup Company, Website

Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement in 2022

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Sep 14, 2022 @ 10:47 AM

Your social media engagement is the lifeline of your strategy online. When you see engagement start to decline, you might feel the urge to press the panic button and try any strategy to get your business back on track. Don’t worry, a fluctuation in engagement is natural and gives you the opportunity to reshape your social strategy. Here’s 7 ways to increase your social media engagement in 2022.

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Why SEO is a Good Long-Term Strategy

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Sep 07, 2022 @ 09:59 AM

Search engines have revolutionized the way we market. Looking back, businesses used to compete for television airtime during popular shows. Now, businesses are competing for that number one spot on Google or Bing. For any small or large business, search engine optimization should be at the front of your marketing strategy to guarantee lasting success. Here’s why SEO is a good long-term strategy for your business.

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Topics: SEO, Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Key Content Marketing Metrics Your Business Needs to be Tracking

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Thu, Sep 01, 2022 @ 01:06 PM

Do you feel like your business’s content isn’t progressing your growth? By tracking online data metrics like search engine performance and user engagement, you can define exactly what works best in your strategy. Here’s the top key content marketing metrics your business needs to be tracking.

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Topics: Digital Marketing Tips, Content Marketing Trends

6 Tips to Help You Create a Good Call to Action

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Aug 24, 2022 @ 10:45 AM

Think your call to action isn’t important? Think again- having a good call to action will directly increase your conversion rate. Is your call to action performing up to par? Here’s 6 tips to help you create a good call to action:

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7 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Tue, Aug 16, 2022 @ 11:59 AM

Success on social media is a matter of posting compelling, engaging content consistently. Here’s 7 ways to make your business stand out on social media:

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Topics: Digital Marketing Tips, Increasing Social Media Reach, Social Media Tips

8 Ways to Leverage Your Sales with Digital Marketing

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Tue, Aug 09, 2022 @ 12:38 PM

Are you looking for ways to increase you sales online? Here’s 8 ways to leverage your sales with digital marketing.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Tips

How Customer Engagement Improves Your Business's Long-Term Success

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Aug 03, 2022 @ 10:15 AM

Did you know you can guide customers through the sales funnel and create a positive brand experience through customer engagement? Here’s how customer engagement improves your business’s long-term success.

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Why You Should Keep Marketing in an Economic Downturn

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Tue, Jul 26, 2022 @ 10:10 AM

As the economy sees downside, you may be tempted to cut back on your marketing budget to help with cost savings.Depositphotos_10766416_L Although this might seem like a feasible option, cutting back on marketing during a downturn can actually yield more negative effects for your brand than positive ones. Here’s why you should keep marketing in an economic downturn.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Jul 20, 2022 @ 09:31 AM

Every business that wants to flourish on social media should be conducting audits. Do you know what to include in your audit? Here’s how to conduct a social media audit to leverage your brand and grow your online audience.

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