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7 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Performing Up to Your Expectations

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Jun 08, 2022 @ 02:27 PM

If you find yourself struggling to pinpoint why your blog isn’t performing well, look no further. Depositphotos_167065066_SHere’s 7 reasons why your blog isn’t performing up to your expectations. 

 Forgetting to Use Specific Keywords

It’s important to use specific keywords in your blog’s content and title so that your blog ranks better on search engines for your audience to find. Take the time to do keyword research to see which keywords are most relevant to your audience. Using the wrong keywords is as bad as using no keywords at all.

There’s No Backlinks

Including backlinks in your blog content will allow your blog to rank higher on search engines. When there are no backlinks, your blog will be pushed below other search results that do contain backlinks. Adding a few backlinks into your blog content is an easy way to get your message across to more readers and educate them further about topics they are already interested in.

Your Content Isn’t Promoted Effectively

The journey is only beginning when you publish a blog. The next step is to promote the content appropriately on all channels of communication for your business. You should spend time promoting your blog on social media through channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Place your blog directly in front of your audience through email marketing. Take your blog a step further and share it with. Industry influencers who would be interested in sharing it on social media or give an opinion about it.

You're Missing Relevant Focus

When you miss having a relevant focus for your blog topics, your blog will underperform. Your audience wants to read about topics that are catered to them. When you miss having relevant focus, your audience will be less motivated to read your blog. Search engines will undermine your blog’s performance when you do not have a general focus.

 You Don’t Have SEO in Mind

When writing your blog content, always keep SEO in mind. There are specific keywords and content formatting that search engines are looking for. Make sure to include keywords and phrases in titles and consider using H1 and H2 headings in your blog content. When you optimize your blog content for search engines, it will drive more traffic to your website.

Your Content is Too Self-Promotional

People don’t want to view ads in your content. They want to read insight or be entertained. Try to relate to your audience through your content by giving them what they want. When you include too many pushy or self-promotional content aimed to sell your products, your audience will receive the information negatively. Keep your blog fresh with topics your audience wants to read about and leave self-promotional language out of your content.

Not Posting Regularly

Consistency matters when it comes to posting blogs. Not having a regular posting schedule will hurt your blog’s performance. Your audience wants to read about relatable content. When there are large gaps between posting content this can negatively impact how your audience views your blog. Create a content strategy to map out your blog’s posting schedule.

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