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How to Win Over Your Customer’s Hearts with Valentine's Day Marketing

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Fri, Feb 07, 2014 @ 12:14 PM

Valentine's Day MarketingValentine's Day has become a routine holiday that consumers have grown to celebrate every year.  It has become one of the most commercialized holidays in the world and many now refer to this day as a Hallmark Holiday.  When this time of year rolls around, Valentine's Day advertisements are everywhere you turn.  Companies go all out to try and reach out to their customers in order to maximize their sales.  And, so they should, last year it was estimated that consumers in the US reached $18.6 billion in spending for Valentine's Day.  Although many consumers may not agree with how commercialized this holiday has become, cultural norms have shifted and Valentine's Day spending is almost unavoidable.

Whether it is a pack of lollipops from the pharmacy or a new pack of hair elastics, around Valentine's Day, these products are almost always turned red and pink and whether or not you intend to support this holiday with spending, you almost always are forced to.  As consumers spend more and more on this holiday, Valentine's Day spending continues to increase each year, and from a companies point of view it is definitely something you do not want to miss out on.  By simply changing your marketing strategies around this time of year to support this holiday, you are almost guaranteed to boost your profits.  Here are 14 marketing tips to win over your customer’s hearts on Feb 14th:

1.  Warm their hearts with social media:

As social media becomes more and more involved in our everyday lives it is important your V-day marketing campaign hops on board.  Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Vine, make sure you wish your customers a happy Valentine's Day to show them that you really care.  If you are offering special deals on this love-filled day make sure you also market those coupons using social media!

2.  Use hashtags!

Hashtags are an easy way for all user accounts to see your posts.  This is a quick way to get your product out there and attract new customers! #valentinesday

3.  Decorate your image!

In order to get in the spirit it is important that you decorate your storefront, website, and even change up your logo a little.  It could be as simple as changing the manikins in the front of your store into pink and red clothing or adding a heart into your companies logo.  Who doesn’t love opening up Google on a holiday and seeing how they have adjusted their logo?

4.  Be search engine prepared:

Make sure you are using keywords that will help your company pop-up quickly in search engines.  It is unlikely your company will be able to surface under searches like “Valentine’s Day ideas” so make sure you use other key words such as your location to help improve your ranking.

5.  Target all consumers:

Single Awareness Day? Don’t let your single consumers feel left out! Make sure your marketing campaign includes them. 

6.  Incentivize your customers:

Create a campaign that gives a future incentive such as 20% off your next order if make a Valentine's Day purchase!  This creates urgency and will encourage your customers to start spending.

7.  Reward top customers:

Make sure your favorite customers feel special by sending them a special offer or even a note wishing them a Happy Valentine's Day.  Send this note out to your most recent customers and also those who have a big spending history with you.

8.  Make your website user-friendly:

Make is easy for your customers to shop for gifts by creating tabs that read “For her” or “For him” or even “For you”.  This way consumers know where to click and it makes online shopping quick and easy for them.

9.  Guarantee shipping by Feb. 14:

It is extremely important you are able to assure your customer that their gifts will be delivered by February 14th.  Offering free shipping is another way to draw more customers in!

10.  Free gift-wrapping!

No one wants to wrap their own presents, but more importantly who can ever wrap as well as a professional?  Offer free festive gift-wrapping to please your customers.

11.  “Valentinze” your product!

This is important for all products, but especially edible ones.  Make sure you create a Valentine's Day version of your product.  If consumers can choose between a regular box of chocolates or a red box with chocolates in the shape of hearts, it is likely they will choose the second in order to please their special someone. 

12.  Sponsor an event:

Signing up to sponsor an event can be helpful in showing your customers that you really do care.  Make sure you choose an event that caters towards your target audience, but even if some people may not know your brand, this is a good way to get yourself out there.

13.  Host a raffle draw contest:

This can be done online or in stores, but it is a simple and easy way to attract more customers.  The grand prize should be something romantic and could include anything from a romantic dinner to a 7-day cruise for two!

14.  Thank your customers!

Send a thank-you note out to your customers that shopped with you over this holiday.  It is important to show your customers you care about them and not just their money!

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