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What Are the Benefits of Inbound Marketing?

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Mon, Jun 05, 2017 @ 12:06 PM

With technology constantly changing, customers are changing the ways they buy products. In order to stay up to date, your marketing strategies must change with the customer.

Yet, many companies find themselves stuck in traditional outbound marketing techniques. Here are some advantages to trading in traditional marketing techniques for inbound marketing tactics.

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Topics: CT Inbound Marketing

5 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Fri, Mar 06, 2015 @ 11:47 AM

The art of blogging is a complex skill to master. The end goal of every blog post is to provide the world with blog content that readers want to engage with. At the beginning your blog is like a blank canvas; you could do anything on your canvas. The tricky part about it is would your readers read just anything? 

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Topics: blog post, blog content, blog, Blog Posts

6 SEO Tips to Help Your Business Get Started

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Wed, Dec 24, 2014 @ 12:03 PM

Every business with a website should make search engine optimization -- trying to get your site as high up as possible on Google and Bing search-results pages -- a part of their growth strategy. At it’s most basic, “SEO” means finding ways to increase your site's appearance in Web visitors' search results. This generally means more traffic to your site. While intense SEO can involve complex site restructuring with a firm (or consultant) that specializes in this area, there are a few simple steps you can take yourself to increase your search engine ranking. All it requires is a little effort, and some re-thinking of how you approach content on your site. Here are six basic SEO tips to get your business started.

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Topics: SEO, SEO Tips, Search Engine Optimization

Why People Leave Your Website

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Wed, Nov 05, 2014 @ 09:41 AM

There are a very few things more satisfying than having people appreciate your website through a comment, post, like, tweet, or sale. Attention brings confidence to yourself with the knowledge that your website it creating traffic and doing what you intended to do with it.

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Topics: why viewers leave a site, website traffic, interesting content

5 Tips to Maximize Email Marketing Success

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Fri, Oct 24, 2014 @ 01:47 PM

If you have never run an email marketing campaign, no problem, it is relatively easy to catch on. Once you get rolling, you will find it is far more effective than most traditional marketing methods, and even other online marketing strategies. When you start an email marketing campaign, there are some things you should keep in mind in order to generate the best results. Knowing how to go about building you email list, how to design your messages and how to generate positive action can make or break your campaigns. With that in mind, these tips will help improve the quality of your email marketing strategy.

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Topics: email marketing tips, email marketing campaign, email marketing, inbound marketers

The Next Steps for SEO and its Effect on Inbound Marketing

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Wed, Oct 01, 2014 @ 11:05 AM

For many, a few years go, SEO meant two things, keywords and inbound links. Keywords used and placed properly gave your search chances a boost in being found, and inbound links from other sites enhanced your site’s authority on the search topic. Recently, the destruction of search engine rank into those two main components made SEO more approachable to marketers of all company sizes. Google has made changes targeted at countering black-hat SEO, changing its algorithm that has taken on a different nature and seems to indicate a more significant shift in search as a whole. While keywords and inbound links will always be important, it seems that they won’t stand alone as primary factors in your website’s search rank. Below we describe a few early signs of how you can expect SEO to evolve in the coming years.

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Topics: SEO, Future of SEO, Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing and Social Media

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Wed, Sep 24, 2014 @ 10:07 AM

In recent years, inbound marketing as a strategy has proven to be the most popular choice over traditional outbound marketing strategies (which usually consists of buying ad space on media and waiting for queries to come in). A 2013 study by inbound marketing experts at Hubspot showed that 58 percent of marketers have adapted to inbound marketing, and more impressively, 34 percent of leads are generated through inbound marketing compared to the 22 percent of leads that are produced through outbound marketing. A marketing transformation has taken place and inbound marketing only has room to grow as the market expands in the next decade. Here is all you      need to know about inbound marketing and how its partnership with social media can be a startup company’s strongest lead generation tool. 

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Startup Company

Blogging Tips: Why Blogging is Beneficial for Business

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 @ 01:21 PM

The 21st century has become a time where the access to information is immediate and at an individuals fingertips. With this amazing ability to research at the click of a button, people and businesses have begun blogging anything and everything that pops into their head. While most of these blogs are incredibly useless, many blogs are key assets in providing and finding information. For most businesses, blogging is a fantastic way for providing potential customers with useful information as well as up to date knowledge of the business. Therefore, businesses have turned to them as a marketing tool. Here are five reasons why blogging is good for business:

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Topics: Blogging for Business, business blog, blogging, blogging tips

What is Required for a Successful Business Website?

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Fri, Sep 05, 2014 @ 02:31 PM

A website is a foundational point in starting a business. It must be creative, vibrant, appealing, informative, and easy to navigate. A business website, in many cases, is a first impression to potential customers. It is a tell tale sign of what the business is about and how the business operates to fix the needs of its customers. Below are five aspects of a website that are essential to the success of a business.

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Topics: Successful Website, Easy Navigation, Business Website

Benefits of Facebook for a Business

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Wed, Sep 03, 2014 @ 02:02 PM
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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Facebook for Business, Facebook

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