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5 Simple Steps for an Increased Twitter Presence

Posted by Kristina Chester on Wed, May 14, 2014 @ 12:32 PM

Twitter presenceMany people enjoy twitter because it moves at a much faster pace when compared to Facebook. The site is a constant stream of information and advertising that, if taken advantage of, can help to propel your business to the next level. Many of you probably joined Twitter to market a business. While marketing may be your primary focus, Twitter also emphasizes an element of personal branding you shouldn't neglect have you optimized both your personal and business Twitter presence to enable people to learn more about you and your business? If you haven't, keep reading. Let's look at a few of the methods to increase your Twitter presence.

How to develop a great Twitter presence: 

Your photograph

You will need to optimize your avatar to increase your Twitter presence. Obviously, avoid using the default "egg" image. That won't help you differentiate you or your business from the rest. Many people use photos that do not help Twitter users recognize their identity. There is either too much going on in the photo, or it has been taken from too far away. These types of images might be great at conveying your personality, but they aren't necessarily optimized for branding. Instead, for personal profiles, you should consider using a headshot that clearly shows your face so you can be easily recognized. For business accounts, use an image that portrays your company logo or brand.

Be an expert

No matter your industry, be the expert. If you build houses, tweet about the latest housing news. If you fly planes, tweet about clear flying days. Attempt to offer insight and advice that someone on the outside wouldn't know beforehand. This gives your twitter account some value.

Be real  

While it is important to understand the differences between a personal page and a business page, you still want to project the idea that you are relatable. Of course you want to share a few best practice tips, relevant industry articles, and links that will lead back to your website, but you also want to show that you are a real person who does real things. Ask an engaging question or ask fans to post their own pictures on your feed. Share what mattes to you.

The key to successful social media usage is engagement, and no one wants to continually engage with someone who they know nothing about. Your followers will be much more receptive to your tweet links if you sound like a real person. When you tweet a link, include a short line of text that includes your opinion of the link. It lets your followers know that you're taking the time to share something that you thought was interesting, rather than just letting some bot with no emotion spam them.

Efficiently manage your time

Create a calendar of how you are going to manage your posts and tweets. Decide the best number for your business. Of course, there is no magical number; although there are helpful statistics out there that will help you decide this. Speaking of statistics, take advantage of tools and apps that will analyze your progress. There are great tools out there that will help you understand your audience, and how to increase it.

Your Twitter Background

As a Twitter user, you have the opportunity to upload a custom image or pick one of Twitter's suggested templates. Don't use the default. A customized Twitter background is great for conveying something about you or your brand's personality. It makes you more unique, helping you stand out from the crowd of other Twitter users.

Twitter is a wonderful place to make new connections and strengthen existing ones. If I can leave you with one peace of advice, it is this: Stay active. A stagnant Twitter account will do nothing for you and if you want to see improvements you have to put in some effort and keep a close watch on your account.

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