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Blogging Basics: Out of the Box Blog Titles

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Fri, Jun 20, 2014 @ 10:43 AM

iStock 000019396218SmallYou just published a new post on your blog?  That's great.  Did you read a bunch of blogging tips before you wrote it?  I bet your content is perfectly organized and well-written.  And good thing you used tons of keywords throughout your content for search engine optimization.  That's the key to steadily increasing your blog traffic.  Like a gazillion people will immediately worship you and your inspiring posts!

Wait, the title was what?  Come on, you must be joking.  You didn't really use that title.  Oh.  You did?  I mean, it's totally fine.  I'm sure a lot of people won't care what the title is anyway, right?


Duh.  Apparently, 8 out of 10 people will read a blog post's headline, but only 2 out of 10 will actually read its content.  Basically, nobody is going to bother reading that "perfect" content you spent so much time on.  So, you posted the secret of winning the lottery?  The formula for curing any disease?  The steps to world peace?  Too bad no one will ever read it.  That's why the title is the most important part of a blog post!


Headlines Help!

Top 3 Benefits of Better Blog Titles

1. More readers: Don't be just another statistic.  A captivating title will definitely attract more readers--and not just those lame headline-only readers.  Sure, when you start writing brilliant titles, you'll probably be so proud that you'll love the 8 out of 10 people who only read the headlines.  But remember, your posts are full of life-changing wisdom and phenomenal ideas too.  Better titles mean better statistics and better readers.  So, don't settle for just 8 headline junkies and 2 real readers; aim for 10 devoted readers who appreciate your unique titles AND your valuable content.

2. Better writing: Stop wasting time outlining every little detail of a fresh blog post.  Beginning a post with a strong and focused headline in mind is just as helpful, if not a million times more helpful.  A distinct and potent title will inevitably improve the organization of your content because it essentially outlines the "point" of the post.  When your thoughts are organized, you will write faster and more clearly.  And once you get the hang of headlines, creative subheadings will easily flow from your brain to your keyboard, allowing readers to scan your post easily and ensuring that they will like what they see. Ultimately, readers will seriously appreciate your enhanced writing and straightforward organization.

3. Really stand out: After skimming so many of the boring blog titles out there, readers will find your distinctive headlines refreshing and riveting.  People will instantly get the impression that you care more, that you are more professional, that you have more talent.  Your blog will soon be known as the best resource on whatever subject you choose to write about!


Help Your Headlines!

3 Easy Tricks for Writing Better Titles

Wise Words

When you include keywords in your headline, you increase its search engine optimization.  If somebody types one of you keywords into Google, Bing, Yahoo--any search engine, really--then your intriguing title will appear in the results list.  The more you use keywords in your headlines, the higher your link will be listed.  Keywords, however, are not the only important words to include in your title. You should also use "power words" whenever possible. Power words trigger an emotional response in readers that helps them feel what they are reading, rather than just read what they are reading. Catastrophe, dumb, nightmare, risky, and warning are some examples of power words.

Familiary Phrases

While creativity and originality are important to writing a standout blog title, going back to the basics is still useful! "How tos," "Top Tens," "Tips for," and other commonly used phrases never fail to capture attention. As you fill in the blanks, however, you should tap into your creative genius. For example, if there are a bunch of "How to Write Good Blog Titles" posts, you should title your post something that will stand out from the others, like "How to Write The Best Damn Blog Titles Ever." Readers will appreciate your combination of fresh ideas with familiar phrases.

Optimum Odds

One easy way to attract readers AND make your post more memorable is to include odd numbers in your title.  Studies have shown that people are more likely to remember the content of an odd numbered list than that of an even numbered one.  But obviously you have to get people to read your odd ideas first!  When you use an odd number in your title, be sure to use the actual number, rather than writing out the word.  5 instead of "five," for example. Why? Because people are drawn to odd numbers. Even if a person does not read your post right away, they are more likely to remember seeing an odd number, and thus remember your post for later.


Get started!

As you begin, you may want to reference some of the foolproof formulas found on the following infographic from Twelveskip:


blog post titles


Trying something new and different can be scary and challenging at first. But, don't be scared. Once you get the hang of writing better blog titles, however, you will wonder how you ever survived in the blogging universe before!

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