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What Are The Best Practices For Email Marketing?

Posted by Courtney Luginbuhl on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 @ 04:28 PM

Email marketingEmail marketing is a trend that is becoming more and more popular now that everyone and their mothers have smart phones. If you are a company that uses email marketing, it is important that you know how to captivate your audience, as most people can receive up to 100+ emails a day!

Here are five best practices that you should use when implementing your email marketing campaign.

Identify Your Goals

Each email that you send to your customers should have a purpose. When writing an email, the first thing you should establish is the goal of the email. The goal would be what it is you want your customers to do or get out of the email you have sent them.

If it is clear to you what you want the customer to do, it should also be clear to the customer. Make sure to stay focused and on track. Have an agenda and stick to it. If you get your customers to do what you want, then you have accomplished your goal.

Personalized Content

It is a nice touch when the email is customized to the person it is being sent to. Personalizing your emails will catch the attention of your customers. It makes them feel like the message was written just for them. Personalizing the copy in emails might make more people read your email. At the very least, make sure the email is directed to their first name (ex. Hey, John).

Use The Right Language

It is important that the language that you use in your email is upbeat and positive. Remember that the purpose of your email is to make your customers engage with your call-to-action, so use actionable language. Make the customers want to read your email.

Try to use language that separates your email from all the other emails that are flooding their inbox. Create a powerful and actionable title that sticks out among all the others. This might take time, but it will be worth it when more people are reading your emails.

Use Call-To-Actions With Purpose!

Each email that you send to your customers should always have a call-to-action. A call-to-action makes it clear to the customer what it is you want them to do. Don’t just include any call-to-action in your email. A call-to-action should relate to the message and be rewarding to your customer.

It might take time to come up with rewarding call-to-actions for your customer, but the more rewarding they are the more likely people will read your email and click on your offer. So it is important that you spend time creating rewarding call-to-actions.

Focus On The Benefits

Always focus on what is in it for the customers. If you want them to read your email then there must be a beneficial incentive for them. Your click-through-rate will increase if your offer is worth clicking on, so remember that when creating your offers.

If the offer benefits your customer then it will benefit you and your company. Always try to please the customer by knowing what they want and giving it to them through the offer that you present to them.

And remember to refer back to these email marketing best practices. Don’t be like the other email marketers whose messages end up unread and in the trashcan. Have a goal, personalize your emails, use actionable language, create calls to actions and always focus on how the customer will benefit from your offer.  

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