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How Do I Create a Successful Blog?

Posted by Stephen Pace on Wed, May 20, 2015 @ 01:14 PM

There areDollarphotoclub 79631150 thousands of blogs in the Internet today discussing subjects all over the spectrum of human interest. But a majority of blogs are not successful and end up being abandoned by their writers. Here are a few tips that can help you successfully launch or resurrect a blog.

Start With an About Page:

By having an About Page this gives potential readers and subscribers the chance to find out what your blog is all about and what subjects you like to discuss. At the end of every About Page should be call to action, a sentence or two that gives readers the desire to read some of your posts and subscribe to your blog.

When Starting, Post in Groups:

When you first start a blog, fellow bloggers and readers will check out your page. But if you only have one post it is hard to determine if they want to continue reading in the future. If you start by posting five or more posts it will give a reader a sense of who you are, how you write, think, and if they like your blog.

Edit Your Material:

A majority of blogs are full of grammatical and spelling errors. Although looked over by most, having a lot of errors can affect your credibility and cause you to lose readers. A simple edit can insure that your blog is well written and easy to read.

Be Friendly and Personable:

What you include on your blog is your decision so be prepared for critics and trolls who love to criticize because they can. The best way to write your blogs is as if you were talking to your readers face to face. If you would not be rude or egotistical in person don’t seem it on your blog. Remember your readers are supporting you to and, in turn, you should be friendly to them.

Display a List of Your Best:

When a new reader first visits your blog they are going to read what they first see. Compile a list of what you or your readers consider to be your best blog posts; this will give new readers the best possible impression of your blog. Also if you cover a broad range of subjects in your blog, it may help to categorize them so readers have a bit more direction when viewing your site. Little adjustments like this can turn a reader into a subscriber.

Use Buzz to Make Your Blog Famous:

The initial buzz that a blog receives when it is first started is the opportunity to make or break it. Within the first few days of starting a blog is when the most important and effective content must be produced. Although you should hold your blog to a high standard, the first few days are when you have the chance to capitalize on new readers.

Link It Up:

Using links on your site is the best way to receive attention. By using links on your site you can attach to social media sites, retailers, and other blogs. By drawing from outside sources and being available in multiple places it shows your readers that you do your research and are just like them.

Encourage Comments, Likes, and Criticisms:

At the end of every post encourage someone to click the “thumbs up” or to comment what they thought of the post. Although you will receive criticism from time to time it will give you an idea on who your audience is and what they may like for you to post about in the future. Comments and likes also give you an idea of what your readers would like to see more of and how your audience responds to certain subjects.

Creating a blog is easy, but maintaining one and retaining readers and subscribers is the hard part. These are some steps you can take to make your blog truly special.

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