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Business Facebook Pages: 4 Steps To Follow During Setup

Posted by James Bye on Fri, Sep 30, 2016 @ 02:25 PM

So long are the days of, maybe I should start a business Facebook page. With approximatley 830 million daily users, we are very confident in saying it's time for your brand to get with the times. Although you may not understand the concept of social selling in your industry, it's important to remember that the millenial generation is at the age in which many are becoming key influencers and decision makers at their work place. Over 80% of users are searching and absorbing knowledge through either social media or search engines before making a purhcase decision. It's time to create a business Facebook page, get the content flowing, and better your brand! We're here to get you started! 

Business Facebook Page

Although the though of social media can be overwhelming, or cause confusion for some, we will walk you through the steps to begin your business Facebook page, and if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us! 

Already have a page setup? Here's some additonal social media topics you may find useful!: 

First off, if you made it through the beginning of this post, chances are you really care about your business or brand which you are representing! Congratulations! Now as we promised, let's build you a business Facebook page! 

1. Choose A Classification For Your Business Facebook Page

Assuming you've chosen your business name at this point, next you will need to visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. This is where it all begins. From here, you will need to select a classification in which your business or brand most closely falls under. Here's what you'll see: 

Facebook For Business Screen ShotOnce you've chosen a general classification, you will then be able to choose from a pre-determined list to futher narrow down the service or product your business provides. 

2. Submit Your Basic Information

Although Facebook will most likely walk you through this proccess fairly pain-free, well keep the tips coming incase you get lost. 

About Me/Us- This will serve as the main (brief) description of your company or service. Although it has to be short, you will want to stick "to the point" as possible as this is the description that will show up on the homepage of your business Facebook page. Including the link to your companies website is a great tool here to drive more web traffic. Sound different, sound special, and fresh. This is your short description that has the chance to drive a large amount of new visitors for you! 

Select Your Profile Picture- While most square images will work, the suggested, pre-approved size for your business Facebook page is 180 x 180 pixels. Wrong size? Try a free resizing tool such as resizeimage.net . This photo will be the focul point of your page and your business Facebook page, we suggest using a high quality photo. This way, when users click your profile photo, they are getting a professional image, not a blurry mgess of words and logos. 

Bookmark Your Business- As you will learn in the beginning of this proccess, when setting up a business Facebook page, you must do it under your (a) personal account. Once your page is set up, you can then visit the vertical drop down bar located in the top right corner of your page and add your business Facebook page as a "Favorite" item. Likewise to marking a bookmark on your browser, you will now be easily to toggle back and forth between both your personal and business accounts for frequent posting and cross promotion! 

3. Learn Your Administration Tools

Now that you've completed steps one and two, your business Facebook page is technically "up and running", however, there are a few more things to get familiar with. Although Facebook may prompt you to "like" your new page immediately; ignore that option for now. When you take that action, it will post to your personal timeline announcing that you have "liked" your new page. It's best to use that brand visibility opportunity once your new page is full of content. Ahh yes! Content. 

4. Create Compelling Content To Share On Your Business Facebook Page

Now that you've created your page, you should be feeling pretty great about yourself! You are headed in the right direction to leading your brand to a bigger and brighter future! If you already have a website, blog, content source, then you can start pulling from and posting those articles directly to your page. If not, you will want to start creating content for your page.  Remember, formatting matters. For a guide on crafting the perfect social post, check this out! 

5. Measure Your Growth 

Now that your page is beginning to build some traction, it's time for one of what I consider the most important step. Measure your growth. Facebook itself has included some built in analytics tools to help disect and learn from our social media posting and advertising results. Under the "Insights" tab, you will find: 

Overiew: A 7 day snapshot of your metrics such as Page Likes, Post Reach and Overall Engagement. 

Likes: Overall fan growth and losses. If you are paying for social advertising or "likes", you will be able to see the breakdown between organic and paid reach and actions. 

Reach: Your reach is a tab that highlights the round-a-bout, raw number of poeple your business Facebook page is reach daily. A/B testing comes in handy here. If you notice certain spikes in traffic with a certain type of content, then you know to keep more of that coming! 

Congratulations! If you've followed these steps, you've successfully got your business Facebook page up and running! While these tips are a great way to get you going, there is a plethura of additonal social media marketing and other inbound marketing strategies that can be put in place to further boost and optimize your social media efforts! 

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