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Four Developments That Will Transform Digital Marketing Tech Strategy

Posted by Dean Ravenola on Tue, Oct 01, 2019 @ 09:19 AM

According to trends observed in the Gartner Hope Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising Report for 2019, four emerging technologies that have the capacity to change the way marketers run their technology ecosystems. If you haven't heard of them yet, now is the time to start doing some research. By adopting some of this tech early, you might be able to stay ahead of the curve. Here are the four technologies that will soon be disrupting the marketing landscape.


Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms are a type of software that compiles customer data from multiple sources and then organizes them into a single customer profile. Although expectations for Customer Data Platforms remain at an all-time high, surveys by Gartner reveal that many marketers have misconceptions about its intended use. Many enterprise marketers who are employing Customer Data Platforms actually confuse it with Customer Relationship Management systems and may not be using the software to its full potential.

AI for Marketing

In the past few years, AI for marketing has quickly exceeded expectations and shows no signs of slowing in popularity. AI has become the buzzword for a variety of features to augment the functions performed by marketers such as automated content tagging and real-time personalization. Several high-level marketing executives are already predicting that AI technology will have the most impact on the marketing industry in the next five years.

Blockchain for Advertising

Usually, in the context of financial markets, blockchain maintains an immutable record of transactions between a network of participants. The entries in this record are regulated by pre-set rules and validated by the network. Networks can either be public like bitcoin or private with only exclusive participants.

Blockchain technology makes this list because it can provide greater efficiency in delivering reliable and high-quality data when it comes to the digital advertising supply chain. However, Blockchain still has some significant hurdles in its path before it can alter the status quo. Skeptics claim that issues with scalability, performance, and adoption must still be overcome before Blockchain starts disrupting the world of marketing.

Real-time Marketing

Real-time marketing is the technique of blending behavioral analytics and marketing automation to deliver dynamic and personalized content to customers. This technology helps companies understand exactly how customers behave so that they can serve up the right message at the right time. As of right now, real-time marketing is employed for a wide variety of uses such as demand generation, advertising, promotion, sales, and service.

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