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How Does Summer Affect Website Traffic?

Posted by Stephen Pace on Thu, Jul 16, 2015 @ 09:38 AM

Summer-Website-TrafficIt is a very common occurrence that websites traffic will drop in the summer time for many different reasons. All websites will experience a bit of a drop in traffic during the summer because they want to enjoy the weather while they can. Since the weather is so nice viewers are no longer spending time inside surfing the web but enjoying the heat and outdoors as much as possible. So with the drop in traffic this gives you the opportunity to make the rest of your year more affective.

Boost Your SEO

Since summer time traffic is so slow it gives you the opportunity to make changes to your websites SEO without it being noticed. This will help your website move up or stay at the top of the list on Google. Also you can comprise and try new keywords to see if they help your pages move up the list organically.

Strengthen Your Social Media Page

Social Media is often a very overlooked by companies and their websites. By utilizing your social media pages and networking you can drastically increase your amount of contacts and leads. Networking is one of the most essential tools to use in todays society, and social media makes your companies network expansion easy.

Come Up With A Monthly Plan

Many websites always seek room for improvement and the summer months are a great time to critique and change your website. Come up with a plan for the summer months that will make your website stronger through out the year. For the first month make your website look and operate better. You don’t necessarily have to renovate your whole website but it helps to update and adjust certain things to make your page look more inviting. For the second month develop information and ideas to use throughout the year that’ll help drive traffic towards your website. These ideas can give old campaigns a whole new image or become the start of new powerful campaigns. Finally in the third month take care of the little things that will make your website to operate as smoothly as possible. By developing landing pages and links you could also attempt to direct viewers to your most profitable pages.

The summer months are bound to be low in website traffic so use them to make the rest of your year more successful. By marketing your website and making it more accessible to viewers you can greatly increase your traffic.

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