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How Important Are Pillar Pages for SEO?

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Thu, Aug 08, 2019 @ 11:51 AM

Pillar pages are a fairly new part of SEO strategy, and are a response to updates to Google’s algorithm. Creating pillar pages involves reorganizing the content on your website, and might even require adding content to various pages. Although creating pillar pages might seem like a daunting task, they are a highly effective strategy for SEO. We’ve broken down the importance of pillar pages in the post below.pillar

Changes in Google

Google is constantly getting smarter, and it no longer relies on exact keyword matches to populate its search results. Google now tries to understand the meaning behind searches and match these searches to the best web pages. It also tries to understand the meaning behind web content. These changes mean that focusing on exact keyword match will no longer constitute an effective SEO strategy. Instead, it’s important to create a quality web page that accurately explains your target topic. That’s where pillar pages can help.

What Are Pillar Pages?

A pillar page is essentially a web page that illustrates these topic clusters. Create pages for each broad topic of your website. Write a general overview of this topic on the page. Then, link to more specific pages that will provide in-depth knowledge of topics within your general topic. A pillar page will be longer than a blog post because it will cover so many different topics. However, it will be much less detailed. The content to which your pillar page is linked will provide more detailed, in-depth information for each subtopic.

Pillar Pages and SEO

Because of the changes to Google’s search algorithms, pillar pages are an important part of SEO strategy. Smart SEO strategists are shifting their focus from exact keyword matches to general topics. Because Google can understand searches and web pages, it will rank the best quality pages that cover relevant topics highly. For this reason, pillar pages are the best way to develop your SEO strategy with Google’s changes in mind.

How to Create Pillar Pages

Restructuring your content might seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier than you think. First, decide on the main topics for which you would like your website to rank on Google. These topics will typically be the services your company offers. Then, you should gather together blog posts and other content that relates to each main topic. To create your page, you should write general content about the main topics with links to all of your blog posts and more specific content within the page. Because ranking for individual keywords is essentially a thing of the past, pillar pages will help you rank for the ideas for which your potential customers are searching.


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