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How To Improve Your Website's Credibility

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Mon, Feb 13, 2023 @ 02:30 PM

AdobeStock_104080678-719223-edited.jpegCredibility is essential for success within an online community. Your business’s website is a first impression for your business, especially when a prospect is looking for relevant information to influence their buying decision. When your website is the only connection your prospects have to you, they don’t yet know if you are trustworthy— and the onus is on you to prove your merit. When your website establishes your company as a credible resource, you can expect more qualified leads, as people tend to buy from the companies they trust and value. This post will discuss a few simple ways to improve your websites’ credibility.

Simple Navigation With Quality Content

Let’s face it, if a website features labyrinth navigation, it’s easy not to trust the source. However, if a website’s design and navigation is streamlined to improve the visitor’s experience, then prospects can tell you’ve put the effort in. The same line of thought follows for content quality— if you want to earn a reputation for being an authoritative voice in your industry, consistently provide quality content. Share information that matters to your prospects and visitors. Show your visitors why they should trust you— be a valuable source of information.

Harness the Power Of Mobile Devices

According to many statistics, the number of people who use mobile devices to browse websites has grown exponentially in past years, surpassing the number of people using desktop computers for this purpose. mobile devices have experienced a boom in popularity and are in use everywhere for almost every purpose imaginable. Your website must be mobile friendly if you want to appear reputable in the eyes of your prospects (as well as Google, for that matter). Responsive design is the best solution for making your website available on all devices.  

Being Social Can Humanize Your Brand

One of the easiest (to carry out) methods for increasing your website credibility is to be present on prominent social media networks. Be sure to link your social media accounts to you website. Embrace social media as an opportunity to to answer prospect questions and interact with your customers—it’s useful for drawing in traffic as well! Typically, it’s a good idea to be present on up to three social media platforms.

Policies & Procedures

Be transparent with your company’s policies and procedures up front. Even small tasks, like mentioning your privacy policy and linking it to your email signup can go a long way to proving that you’re a reliable business to be trusted. Include a page on your site where visitors can find and read through your policies and processes. Be sure to include a return policy if you sell products. These tips go beyond appearing trustworthy, they will help avoid issues cropping up in the future.

Work With A Professional

Most business owners have limited knowledge in the field of web design. If this applies to you or your employees, it’s best to team up with professionals who know how to craft engaging business websites. If you want to help, you need not worry, as there are many content management systems (like Wordpress) that can help you to structure your website’s content. Point being, you don’t have to leave the entire website building process to the professionals if you don’t want to, but you should definitely seek assistance for optimizing the website and soliciting advice.

In many cases, business owners don’t know what they want for the website design, and that’s ok too. Professional CT web developers can help you to build the website of your dreams.

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