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How To Make Your Business A Social Media Sensation

Posted by Stephen Pace on Fri, Sep 04, 2015 @ 04:37 PM


Can I make my business a social media sensation? No, that could never happen! Well a business can become very popular on social media in many different ways. Social Media offers your business different channels to promote your products, business, events, and even the culture inside your company. But conducting social media right takes a bit of knowledge to help you gain the most attraction.


Your social media page should resemble someone’s personal profile so having a lot of pictures is always a great addition. If you are a manufacturer or retailer then posting pictures and videos about your products will only bring more attraction to your page and business. Also if your company attends or host’s events it’s a great way to self promote your business. These pictures should be business appropriate but can also display your employees having a bit of fun.


Let your followers know about how your business is going, what projects you’re currently working on, and what is in store for the future. Many companies will post their most recent blogs letting their company shine and giving advice to those seeking their products or services. Also sites like LinkedIn give you an opportunity to participate in discussion boards in your industry, which helps build brand recognition. These posts should be concise but powerful, this will give your audience the best perception of your business.

Easy on the hash tags

Remember you’re a business; so covering all of your posts with hash tags isn’t particularly a good idea. If you are posting on a site like Instagram or Twitter in which hash tags are frequently used then stick to a few, but no more. If you use a lot of hash tags in your posts then it tends to water down and disrupt the flow of your message. Also keep your hashtags appropriate to your business or industry which will redirect potential customers to more of your content.

Promote Your Culture!

What many of your customers may not see is what happens behind the scenes and how your business operates from day to day. Showing fun activities like a team building sessions, a birthday celebration, or random activities like nerf gun battles or razor scooter races display that you aren’t all business and could have fun too. This is important because a business that is all business all the time will never be as successful as one that can let loose and relax once in a while.

A social media page is only useful when you use it, so frequently updating your profile keeps your followers better informed. A social media page can be a great way to promote your business and products.

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