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How to Manage Your Social Media on Vacation

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Tue, Jul 03, 2018 @ 10:15 AM

social media vacationThe summer is the perfect time to take some time off of work, head to the beach, and relax. When you take a vacation, usually you’ll want to be completely free of anything work-related, including managing social media. However, taking a vacation doesn’t have to mean that your accounts go silent for a week. In fact, your accounts shouldn’t go silent for a week. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you manage your social media accounts on vacation. With these tips, you can keep your social media active without worrying about it when you’re trying to relax.

Schedule Content

One of the most important things to remember when taking a vacation from your social media is to schedule your content in advance! Services such as Hubspot, Hootsuite, Buffer, and many more will allow you to create posts ahead of time and schedule them for different times in the future. On Facebook, you can even schedule your posts through the platform. If you schedule all of your posts before you go, you can take two weeks off and still have multiple social media posts every day! Scheduling your content is a great way to keep your social media active while you take a break.

Avoid Controversial Content

When scheduling your content, you should shy away from anything that might be controversial. If you’re going to be away from social media and not monitoring your posts, you should avoid anything to which your followers might be a negative reaction. You won’t be there to do damage control or monitor comments. If you post controversial content, there might be backlash, angry comments, or even longwinded back and forth arguments under your post. If you will not be monitoring and responding to comments, you should avoid posts that might illicit this type of response.

Create a Backup Plan

Emergencies do happen, even when you’re away, so it’s important to have a plan in place. Have someone assigned to monitor activity on your social media while you’re away. They will be able to handle any potential emergencies such as an account shutdown or hacking. If a significant event suddenly occurs while you’re on vacation, you will have the ability to address it on your social media. Backup plans are essential when you’re going to be away in order to be prepared for anything unexpected that might occur.

Download Social Apps on Your Phone

If you’re not totally committed to the idea of completely unplugging during your vacation, you might consider downloading social media apps on your phone. These apps will allow you to quickly check up on your business’s social media while you’re on the go. You can quickly open the app from your phone on the beach or at a restaurant. You can write out a quick post or delete an unsavory comment quickly and get right back to your vacation. Social media apps are a great way to monitor your social media on the go without interrupting your vacation.

Use a Social Media Marketing Agency

If you need help managing your social media while you’re away, the best option is really to use a social media marketing agency. Your agency will always be monitoring your social media and posting consistently. You will never have to worry about managing your social media on nights, weekends, vacations, or any other time. When you use a social media marketing agency, your social media will always be handled.


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