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How to Utilize Facebook Marketing to Your Business's Advantage

Posted by Liza Cormier on Tue, Aug 25, 2020 @ 03:56 PM


With Facebook being one of the most popular social media platforms, it’s also a great resource for businesses to utilize. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from including social media into their marketing mix as it can build brand awareness, help them engage with followers, and hopefully in turn produce paying customers. In this blog, we’ve put together some of the main ways Facebook can give your business a marketing advantage at every stage of the sales funnel.

Reach a Wide Audience

Facebook surpasses all other social media platforms as it has more than 2 billion users worldwide. Not only is that a huge audience, it spans across many demographics so no matter who your business caters to, you should be able to find your desired audience. Also, many other platforms are commonly known to attract younger age groups, but on Facebook, there has been dramatic growth of older demographic groups on the platform since 2015.

Full-Funnel Targeting

Compared to other digital platforms, Facebook has seen the best results for successfully catering to users at any stage of their engagement journey. Facebook’s ad-formats, targeting options and measurement capabilities are designed to work well with any marketing strategy. The goal is to post something that will excite a user and motivate them to look further into your brand. Facebook can help you engage users and entice them to interact with content on your site. Whatever industry you’re in, Facebook has a range of buttons you can tailor to your specific objectives to help you reach the large audience it can provide for your business.

Audience Transparency

Another advantage of Facebook is that its audience reach is highly transparent. This means that your business can self-select your target audience, whether it be just to your followers, friends of your followers, people who meet the criteria you selected, or users who have previously visited your site. You can also track what segment(s) perform best, allowing you to refine and make changes to your messaging.

Variety of Ad Formats

Facebook has 10 ad formats you can choose from, which is the leading range of options available on any other digital platform. There are formats for each target marketing funnel stage, and nearly all formats accommodate some text and visual element to fully express your brand.

Measurable Performance

Depending on businesses knowledge of Facebook features, it may or may not be obvious that Facebook does allow reporting on an extensive set of metrics. These include actions users can take before leaving Facebook, for example reach and ad engagements, to off-Facebook events such as conversions. Businesses can use third-party analytics tracking by reporting basic conversion metrics, or by installing Facebook pixel to your site. Without it, Facebook is unable to narrow in on the user profiles that are converting best. This can be a valuable feature for your marketing strategy, especially if you’re looking to up your social media campaign through Facebook.

Keep Your Existing Audience Engaged

One of the most important advantages of Facebook advertising is its ability to nurture and help grow your followers. If you’re using any social media advertising for your business, it’s important to regularly engage with and maintain your Facebook audience, otherwise you’re not going to see any results. Think of Facebook as a digital extension of your business. Your followers need to be reminded of why they should be loyal to your brand, so be sure to engage with them and work on your marketing efforts consistently.

Facebook marketing can be a huge advantage for your business if utilized correctly. People spend more time on social platforms now than ever, and Facebook especially has become a beneficial way for not only businesses but users to engage with brands of all kind.

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