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How to Write a Holiday Blog Post

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Tue, Nov 06, 2018 @ 10:30 AM

Halloween just ended, so you might think it’s too early to think about the holidays. However, anyone who has stepped foot in a mall lately will tell you that the holiday season is in full swing. For this reason, smart companies are starting their holiday marketing campaigns now. If your business has a blog, one strategy you’ll want to use for holiday marketing is writing holiday-themed blog posts. You shouldn’t write exclusively holiday blog posts during the next two months, but you should have a healthy dose of holiday-themed content. If you’re new to writing holiday blog posts, we have the tips to help you get started.

How to write a Holiday Blog Post

How to Write a Holiday Blog Post

Let's start with the WHY you should write a Holiday Blog Post....Simply put, Topical and seasonal blog posts are always a good idea. It's a great way to connect with your audience. No matter the time of year, relevant blog posts will help promote Google rank, clicks, and engagement. Additionally, people love the holiday season, so why not write about it? Mentioning the holidays will help humanize your company and show that your brand can be festive and fun! Creating holiday blog posts can also create a sense of urgency for readers. When you mention your products or services in relation to the holidays, you show readers why they need to make a purchase now.

What Should You Write About?

The first step to writing a holiday-related blog post is to figure out how to relate the holidays to your business. If you’re having a holiday sale or can pitch your product/service as a gift, your task is easy. If your business is related to the home, you can talk about making your home ready for guests. For appearance-related industries, you can talk about looking your best for the holidays. B2B businesses can talk about accommodating the holiday rush that other businesses experience. No matter what your industry is, there’s a way to relate it to the holiday season.

Write a Clever Title

A great holiday blog post will have a catchy headline. Your title can also provide the perfect opportunity to tie your content into the holiday season. Use holiday themes in your title such as “12 days of (your product or service)” or “New Year New (item relevant to your business).” For 20 different suggestions for titles of holiday blog posts, click here. Writing a clever title is an important part of creating an eye-catching blog post, and it’s also the best way to relate your blog to the holiday season. 

Keep it fun

People are happy during the holiday season, so take advantage of it by writing fun, whimsical blog posts! Be lighthearted rather than pushy during the holidays. Everyone is trying to sell stuff during the holiday season, so stand out from the crowd by being friendly rather than pushy. Use holiday-related puns and ideas to add fun and personality to your brand. Creating fun blog posts will ensure that people actually want to read your content and enjoy it. Not only will this make them more likely to read future posts, but it will also increase engagement on your posts.

Offer Value

Everyone is trying to sell their products and services during the holiday season, but people only have so much money! For this reason, it’s important to demonstrate your value during this time of the year. Show your readers why what you’re writing about is important. How can your business help save them money? How can you ease the stress of the holiday season? Can your blog post help customers shop smarter? Because shoppers are bombarded with so many advertisements and offers during this time of the year, it’s essential to emphasize the value you can provide.

Reflect on the Past

The holiday season marks the end of another year, making it a good time to reflect. Reflecting on the past year is a great opportunity to give your brand a personal touch. Share any company milestones or big events that occurred over the past year. Because the holidays are also about nostalgia, consider showcasing old products or memories from past holiday seasons. Promoting this feeling of nostalgia will cause your followers to feel more connected to your brand during this time of the year. Posts of this sort will also encourage engagement, as followers will comment with their own memories of years past. Adding a personal touch to your marketing strategy is a great way to promote trust among your followers and tap into the sentimentality of the holiday season. Any Questions? You should now know how to write a Holiday Blog Post!


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