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SEO Tips 2016: What You Need To Know For Success

Posted by Kelsey Ringuette on Thu, Sep 08, 2016 @ 11:20 AM

Understanding search engine optimization seems simple enough, yet this inbound marketing tool is constantly progressing and changing. What was once a smart and strategic technique is now no longer effective and some golden methods of the past are actually deemed as "black hat methods" resulting in lower ranking penalties. What are some SEO tips that you should be implementing now to ensure you are successfully generating traffic and obtaining new leads?

SEO Marketing Strategy

First Off, What Is SEO?

Most people know that SEO is important to improve online marketing but they don't really understand the concept. The good news is, it's not a complicated process to learn. The bad news is, the jargon may be different than what you're used to and that SEO is constantly growing and therefore changing. So what is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This technique is a method used to bring more traffic to a website from organic (free) search results on popular search engines. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bong have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos, blogs or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. By using the keywords people would use to search for information in your content, the search engines will recognize your content above others. Thus, putting you higher on search engine rankings for more opportunities for people to find your site. 

Implementing Long Tail Keywords

Finding a few golden keywords that are popular and rank higher used to be all you really needed to stand out from the competition. Now, however, times are progressively changing as these keywords are still important for rankings but are competitively becoming more difficult to rank for as more and more businesses jump on the SEO bandwagon. SEO today is increasingly driven by natural language search, that is, people doing searches that are more like normal questions than two or three keywords. For this reason, long tail keywords have arisen and become a strategic way to stay relevant, get recognized and rank higher. According to Forbes, this is happening because people are using tools like Siri and Google Now to speak their searches, rather than typing them in. And because people are including more detail in their typed searches as they seek to find what they’re looking for faster. These keywords are much easier to rank for, because they’re not as competitive. They are much more relevant because they include more detail, and therefore traffic from these keywords converts at a higher rate (Source). 

Rankings Are Not Everything

Ranking number 1 shouldn't be your goal, which may sound contradictory with what has  been said so far. Your business can be seriously mislead by solely tracking and obsessing on rankings, leading you away from the bigger picture. Focusing on the various inbound marketing tools inlcuding valuable and quality content is the best way to ensure you are generating more traffic as you are effectively providing answers and solutions to your prospect's questions. All in all, ranking high shouldn't be your main focus as rankings aren't purchasing your products and services, people are. Google algorithms now focus more on the value you provide more than the SEO techniques you focus on. 

Know That SEO Takes Time 

A lot of businesses get frustrated because they invest a lot of money into SEO and expect to see results right away. However, it takes a few months to fully analyze the specific needs for your business and the technical optimization of the website. After that it takes a few more months to create content, create offers and promote those website qualities on social media. A good rule of thumb is to give about 3 to 6 months to really start seeing results. It’s also important to keep in mind that SEO results should continue to grow so the results you see in 6 months will be considerably less that what you are getting at 12 months. After a while the results won’t seem to be growing as fast as the first few months as you are already ranking high for several keywords. At this point you should continue creating content and finding innovative ways to bring value to your customers.

Keep With It And Regularly Update

Just because your website is bringing in a lot of traffic and doing well in the SEO world doesn't mean you should stop or "take a break." Time slips by and just like that, new websites have taken over, stole your ranking position and overall have a better looking website than you. It's easy to get lost in other tasks and become outdated. Don't stop inbound marketing   and try to keep up with new updates and strategies that will constantly arise over time. 

ImageWorks LLC | SEO Marketing Strategy

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Qualified visitors are attracted to your website and then led through a sales process that engages, qualifies, and turns visitors into actual leads that can be nurtured until they become clients. Our proven system helps you:

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