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Social Media Creativity Tips For Securing More Leads

Posted by Kelsey Ringuette on Fri, Feb 19, 2016 @ 02:52 PM

Social media has provided a world to enhance creativity and individuality.  The same can be said for businesses. However, businesses need to develop a strategy to creatively and effectively generate more traffic to their website, which will increase sales and create more leads. The online social community has provided opportunities to represent your brand and communicate to a mass audience. This article discusses some creative tips on social media platforms to generate traffic and secure more leads. 


Balance Of Content

When people follow a business on social media, they are looking for quality information that is consistent and appealing. Develop a schedule to balance the content you are providing such as blogs, landing pages as well as informative and creative content related to your products or services. It's vital to consistently provide this information to your followers to be a brand they can rely on for information. Additionally, you should avoid posting the same type of content throughout the day. Keep the readers intrigued with several unique and creative posts each day. Furthermore, social media is a great marketing tool but that doesn't mean you should push so many promotions that people either get annoyed or overwhelmed when they see your logo or post. It's necessary to promote your brand but you also need to post other topics that you and your followers are interested in. This will keep them engaged so when you do post a promotional topic, they will be intrigued to see more. Be creative with your posts. Finding creative ways to post exciting material while also staying true to your brand, will help your posts come out on top. Lastly, make your title a teaser. You don't always have to post all the information at once. 

Provide Incentives

A fun and creative way to stir up your followers interests is to annually or even monthly host a friendly competition or contest. Give your followers a chance to win something like one of your new products or winning a discount off your services. People love the feeling of accomplishment which is a win-win situation. Your business can generate more leads and people will enjoy the adventure of competition. Create fun puzzles, brain teasers or even reward for people for how many people they can get to like your page or refer to your website. Determine what content would be most valuable to your business and strategize your contest accordingly. Make sure the prizes are items your followers would be interested in or you may not have any participants. These contests provide a little incentive to follow and to keep doing so in anticipation for more unique activities. 

Also, you can provide incentive by giving discounts and offers to your loyal followers. Give them discounts or samples if they friend you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter. Remember, don't push too many promotional offers but rewarding followers every now and then is a great way to keep people intrigued. Spark up a little curiosity and interest by sprinkling these incentives in to your social media platforms. 

Ask A Question

Get people talking by asking a question. This generates conversation where everyone can communicate with one another as well have a portal to communicate with you. People will appreciate being able to get to know you better than just thinking of you as business wanting to make a sale. It's important to be social on social media sites, even for businesses. Generate more traffic by people feeling like they know you and trust they can go to you for their wants and needs. Ask your followers to share their biggest challenges or ideas and share those responses to see how your followers might respond.

Engage And Follow Other Brands

Another smart way to secure more leads is to follow other brands similar to yours or even ones that your followers are also interested. Engage with those brands by sharing or liking their information and they will do so in return, which expands your reach to larger audiences. Make sure these other brands are credible sources and that you approve the content they are posting. Just adding several different brands for more followers can actually tarnish your reputation, especially if you don't research what they are saying. 

Also, make sure you are not just adding these people but are also communicating with them as much as you can. Respond to positive as well as negative feedback. Dismissing comments altogether isn't the right way to go. Politely find a way to apologize to their comments showing that you are sophisticated and care about all the people who follow you or also thank them for the positive comments and lead them to more information if they show interest in a topic. People expect businesses to be responsive to build trust with one another. Remember, people are only human so an effective brand should be seen as human rather than a corporate robot. A genuine response goes a long way. 

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