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Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement in 2022

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Sep 14, 2022 @ 10:47 AM

Your social media engagement is the lifeline of your strategy online. Depositphotos_345169816_LWhen you see engagement start to decline, you might feel the urge to press the panic button and try any strategy to get your business back on track. Don’t worry, a fluctuation in engagement is natural and gives you the opportunity to reshape your social strategy. Here’s 7 ways to increase your social media engagement in 2022.

7 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement in 2022

Check Your Analytics

The numbers don’t lie- before you try new techniques to increase your social media engagement you will need to take a look at your analytics to determine what is and isn’t working. Stay consistent with checking your analytics to stay on top of increasing engagement throughout your strategy. Your strategy is only as strong as what the numbers return.

Stay on Top of Trends

To stay relevant on social media, your brand will have to stay on top of emerging trends. Have you ever noticed how brands are some of the first to try out new social media trends? There’s a reason for this; they want to increase their engagement. Not only will staying on top of trends refreshes your content, you’ll draw in new audience members as your content reaches further online. You don’t have to try every trend to stay relevant, align what works best for your brand and stick to trends that nurture your image.

Produce Valuable Content

Your audience on social media wants more than just pictures and hashtags, they want to see meaningful content that contributes to their daily lives. Brands that produce valuable content online overall see more engagement than brands who stick to boring, conventional social media posts. The most popular methods to produce valuable content is to create an infographic or checklist to share on social media. Your audience will appreciate having downloadable content they can share and look back on for future reference.

Explore Video Posts and New Features

For brands looking to expand social media engagement, you can start by creating video content. Video content is the new wave, already we see a large increase in engagement with posts that include short-video content. The trends show that the audience on social media prefers to watch a video over reading text. You should aim to adhere to the new desires on social media and produce short videos relevant to your brand. On top of that, start looking for new features of social media you can leverage in your posts. Social media sites are constantly updating with new features, filters, and interactive story content. Don’t be afraid to try a strategy that includes new features on social media. Aim to be the leaders in your market, not the followers.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is important for any brand’s social media strategy. When you use hashtags correctly, you put your content directly in front of a relevant audience. To use hashtags efficiently in your strategy, research the top performing hashtags for your market and add them to your post. Leverage well-known hashtags when holidays or other popular events arise, that way your brand stays on topic while still reaching a wider audience.

Appeal to Powerful Emotions

Emotions are the drivers behind the actions we take every day. Before social media was even created, emotion was used in ads to resonate with the audience. By Incorporating powerful emotions into your social media such as humor, empowerment, and inspiration, your brand can evoke emotional responses in its social audience and increase your page’s overall engagement. Your audience is more likely to share a post that conveys emotions, therefore helping your post reach further engagement.

Respond to Comments

When social media users comment on your page, they expect their comments to be heard. Show your audience that you appreciate them by responding to their comments in a timely manner. Brands that regularly respond to comments engage more users than those who do not. Your audience enjoys having a conversation with your brand, you can increase engagement by joining in on the conversation; maybe you’ll even initiate a new one!

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