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What Are The Benefits Of Having An Active Blog?

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Wed, Dec 28, 2016 @ 10:05 AM

Benefits of an Active BlogThere is definitely a lot of hype around blogging in recent years. It seems as though we are all hopping online, typing away like madmen, becoming published authors of the digital era, while hoping for more.

We all know that blogging is beneficial for businesses of all sizes, but do you know why?In this post, we dig deep and discuss five benefits of having an active blog.

The Benefit Of Blogging For Business & Marketing

Readers will be more engaged.

SEO is a continual process - always changing and adapting to the people using search engines. As the years pass, results have become more targeted and personalized. So as a company, you need to meet those searchers' needs. Focus your content on what your visitors are looking for!  Look at the questions your readers are asking, and answer them in a blog post. This keeps your readers interested and coming back for more.

And isn't that why you're doing all this blogging? The higher your reader interest, the higher your engagement results, which translates to better blog, and website traffic. 

More Blog Pages = More Internal Links

Every new blog entry adds a new page to your website. If your blog is configured properly, each new blog page will have “internal links” to your site’s home page, category pages, testimonial pages and any other important pages that you’re trying to get ranked. These internal links pass your blog’s authority and PageRank to these important pages, increasing their importance in the eyes of Google (and, of course, sending your blog’s visitors to those pages as well).

Become An Expert In The Field

The act of publishing content on line via blogging will transform your writers from amateurs to professionals. Don't expect to become the next Hemingway, but if you continue doing this with enough passion, purpose and focus and you will become an expert on your chosen topic if you persist.

Your Site Gets Indexed More

Quality Content Leads To More Traffic. Each new blog post creates a new page on your site that Google can index and send searchers to. Blog posts are great for ranking well in Google for "long-tail" keyword phrases that you're not even attempting to rank for. While each of these phrases may not draw in a lot of traffic individually, collectively the traffic really adds up.  On top of that, when you publish quality content consistently, your website gets indexed much more often, so you have better organic search results - more visibility means more traffic.

Take Control of Your Online Identity

There’s a chance that there will be a decent amount of information regarding your business already available online.  A blog presents you with the rare opportunity to ‘set the record straight’ when it comes to your brand, and determine what kind of impression your clients and potential clients are getting. It is much easier to update your blog than it is to fiddle around with coding on your site, thus making it much easier to showcase your latest portfolio of work. This is an ideal way to manage your online presence and identity.

Updating your blog with useful and relevant content also ensures that you remain completely informed when it comes to what’s going on in your industry. This will not only provide your blog with shareable posts, but will also benefit your brand as a whole. You’ll be aware of the latest news, what’s trending and most importantly, you’ll have a good idea of what’s in store for the future.

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