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What Can Paid Search Do for My Business?

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Tue, Mar 05, 2019 @ 10:05 AM

paid searchPaid search is a specific kind of advertising that businesses can use to appear on Google. Businesses bid on keywords and agree to pay a certain price for clicks. Once the ad is established, your business does not have to pay for the time or presence of the ad, but instead your business pays Google a specified amount every time a visitor clicks your ad. Paid search yields very strong results for businesses and allows businesses only to spend money when their ad is a success. Are you considering paid search ads for your business? We’ve broken down the top ways that paid search can help your business.

Increase Traffic

The main benefit of paid search is that it will increase traffic to your website. Because Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet by a long shot, millions of users will have the opportunity to see a link to your business. Because paid search ads are based on keywords that users are searching, you can also be sure that your business will be relevant to what the searcher is looking for. The combination of this visibility and relevance is a huge increase in traffic. Unlike organic search efforts, you will not need to build up traffic over time. Instead, you’ll see an immediate spike in traffic to your website.

Establish a Presence on Google

Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet. Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second and about 3.5 billion searcher per day. The popularity of Google demonstrates the importance of establishing a presence on such a high traffic search engine. Not only will paid search ads guarantee you a presence on Google, but they will guarantee you a spot on the very top of Google’s search results as well. When you establish a presence on Google, your site will not only see significantly more traffic, but you will also be established as a trustworthy business and a leader in your industry.

Target Your Ideal Customers

Another benefit of using Google ads is the ability to target exactly who you want the ad to reach. In addition to carefully selecting your keyword to match the ideal search queries, you can also target users based on location and other demographics that will help personalize the ads. With these targeting tools, you can make sure that the people you want to see the ad will see it and that your ideal customers are more likely to end up on your website.

Promote Specific Products or Services

One of the many benefits of paid search is that you can turn the ads on and off at any time. For this reason, these ads are very useful to market seasonal products or services or to push products that you happen to have a surplus of. Through paid search, you can promote very specific products or services that you wish to sell. You can turn these ads on at very specific times and turn them off when you’re ready to move on to the next product. You can also run multiple ads at once, making sure to promote all of the products and services that are important and creating specialized, relevant traffic for each one.

Increase Organic Click Through Rates

Believe it or not, having paid search ads will also increase your organic click through rates. Paid search ads have the highest click through rates from searchers who are in the “ready to buy” stage of the buyer’s journey. In contrast, people who are still learning about products, services, or your industry in general, are more likely to click on organic results. However, when searchers see your Google ad at the top of their search results, they are more likely to choose your website if you also have an organic presence. Although they might scroll past your ad, they are likely to click on your organic result if it is visible on Google. For this reason, paid search works very well in conjunction with organic SEO.

Track Your Progress

One of the best parts about running paid search ads is that you can easily track their success. Google AdWords provides data that will help you evaluate the success of your chosen keywords, the times of day you run your ads, your ad copy, and more. With the help of the reporting tools, you can even run A/B tests that will help identify the most successful components of your ad. When you find the most successful keywords to generate traffic, you can use the information to inform your organic strategy as well. In addition to the success of your ads, you can even track every dollar that you spend to make sure you’re getting the maximum ROI. With Google AdWords, you will have the data you need to make the most successful ads for your business.


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