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What Does It Mean To Humanize A Brand?

Posted by Kelsey Ringuette on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 02:00 PM

Your audience wants to understand you and know they can trust you. They want you to dedicate time to connect and engage with them. Prove that want you to help them achieve their goals and fulfill their needs. Offer relevant content and conversation that inspires them to learn more. They key to growing is humanizing your brand and showing people you are not just another corporate robot. This article will describe a few tips to get you started with your online marketing strategy. 

online marketing strategy

Build Relationships

Building relationships is important to humanizing a brand. You build relationships by taking the time getting to know your prospects and customers and provide them with information that interests them. It's important to listen to people and make sure you respond appropriately to positive and negative feedback. People will appreciate that you're not just a robot and that you actually respond to their opinions with sophistication. Negative feedback is actually not always a bad thing. You can't always please everybody but you can do your best to try and negative feedback gives you areas of improvement to work on. Building trust between you and the customers is what will help humanize your brand. People trust other people, not objects. 

Have Personality

Know who your customers are and have a personality to match. Be fun and creative or be classic and sophisticated but make sure your brand 's personality matches the people you are trying to attract. Pick a proper tone for your content and conversations with your customers because the content is what will help your personality grow ang stand out from the rest. Social media is a key component to broadening your horizons and developing the personality that positively represents your brand. Social media offers businesses the freedom to express themselves in creative ways with pictures and conversational content. On social media sites a business can do more than inform about who they are and what they do, but also creatively express their interests. 

Take The Time To Grow And Learn

If you want your business to grow, you need to take the time to learn. It takes time to build trust and let people know who you are and how you can help. Rushing the process makes it seem like all you care about are the sales and although sales are important, customers will not respond well if they feel you are using them for a sale. They want to know that you are providing them with quality service and information and if you can't show that then you are going to look like a scam. Take the time it takes to build your brand, develop personality and get people to trust your business. 

Display Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews are strategic tools displayed on your website to show prospects your quality of service. You can tell people over and over how great you products are but prospects may believe you are pushing for a sale. Hearing from other people how great your service and products are will allow for more understanding and trust. Testimonials easily found on your website helps for people to do their research and check out what you do before making a purchase. 

Show Them You Care 

Be as social as possible. Converse with people in person, via email and through social media to get to know them on a personal level. Knowing who your customers are will help you develop and grow. Loyal customers who appreciate you will also be social and tell other people about the quality service you provided. When your conversing with people try to get to know them and let them get to know you rather than pushing promotions all the time. Show them you care by offering loyal customers discounts and deals. This is a great incentive for prospects and will show people who care about you that you care about them. Brands that care about their customers possess a humanizing quality that people can relate to. 

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