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Which Website Design Features Attract The Most Traffic?

Posted by Stephen Pace on Fri, Aug 28, 2015 @ 12:17 PM


Every website is different because every business is different, so figuring out what website will work best for you takes a strategic plan. But without frequent website traffic it is useless to you. So you may ask “Which Website Design Features Attract The Most Traffic?”

SEO Optimized Pages

If you were to Google search your website and it does not show up on the first page then your website was not optimized properly, or in most cases at all. There is an art to SEO and figuring out keywords work best for the customers you are trying to attract. Take the time to plan your keywords so that your customers can easily find them. This will give you the best opportunity to increase the traffic on your website.

Social Media

These days there are social media pages for everything from personal profiles to pages about lawnmowers, when we say everything we mean it. So starting any social media page has the chance getting lost among the other profiles. Want to know secret? To make your social media stand out you should use it! Did we just blow your mind? A business that frequently posts pictures, blogs, links, and videos that support their business will be recognized a lot more then one that doesn’t. Also a social media page is a great way to keep your product in existing and potential customers minds.

Blog Writing

An easy way to show your customers what’s new in your business and the industry that you are in is to blog about it. When your website is designed have a dropdown blog page put in so that your page viewers can see what your company is up to. Depending on your business a blog is a great spot to offer DIY tips, information about your services, and infographics about your industry.

Make It Pretty

A well designed website with vibrant colors and easy navigation is something that customers will want to visit. With an attractive website your traffic will increase and your bounce rate (how long someone leaves after opening your page) will decrease. Filling your site with pictures of your products or services being used will also increase you websites attractiveness.

If you need a website built or you are not happy with the performance of your website then think about having it rebuilt. For more information click the link below!

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