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Why SEO is a Good Long-Term Strategy

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Sep 07, 2022 @ 09:59 AM

Search engines have revolutionized the way we market. Looking back, businesses used to compete for television airtime during popular shows. Depositphotos_193884422_LNow, businesses are competing for that number one spot on Google or Bing. For any small or large business, search engine optimization should be at the front of your marketing strategy to guarantee lasting success. Here’s why SEO is a good long-term strategy for your business.

Benefits of Having a Long-Term SEO Strategy

Increased Traffic

SEO increases traffic to your website by ranking your business higher on search engines. With a higher ranking, more people are likely to click on your webpage. A good SEO strategy targets relevant key words so your business will be put directly in front of those who search your terms.

Increased Brand Awareness

A good SEO strategy increases brand awareness by establishing familiarity with your business in the market. When you rank higher on search engines,  users are more likely to see the name of your business. Even if the user doesn’t click on your webpage, ranking higher will make the user remember your business which establishes brand familiarity and can successfully grow your awareness. After all, many customers tend to convert with companies they are already familiar with.

Low Cost

 As a cost-effective approach, SEO consists of strategies that get you a better return on your investment compared to traditional marketing methods. When you market your business online, you want to know your hard-earned money is being put towards generating the most leads as possible. SEO does exactly that by using every dollar to pitch your business to a qualified lead, saving you money in your marketing strategy.

Why SEO is a Good Long-Term Strategy


Unlike traditional ways of marketing like ads and billboards, SEO offers longevity that is unmatched. Commercials and other ways of marketing have an expiration, since these ads cannot run forever. SEO has more longevity than other marketing methods because once you publish content online, it’s always there. You’ll need to optimize your content to constantly keep ranking, but all former content published can serve as marketing.

Search Engines Constantly Change

SEO is a good long-term strategy because search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. As search engines become more transparent with the results they show users based on their interests, likes, income, and other demographics, SEO keeps up by shifting your strategy to be in sync with new optimization standards. If you want to maintain rankings, investing into SEO can help grow your business online even in a fast-changing environment.

Reach More Qualified Leads

Using SEO means you’re not limited to a specific geographical region to generate leads. SEO puts your business directly in front of qualified leads using predictive algorithms. With the mass amounts of traffic using search engines every day, it’s possible to pinpoint the users that would be more likely to purchase your product. Instead of targeting every user like in a traditional marketing campaign, the data and tools available in your SEO strategy can be used to pinpoint qualified leads.

Bigger ROI

Developing traditional marketing campaigns can become costly for a business, you often spend money on marketing to people who may not even want your product. SEO leverages your marketing budget by targeting specific searches online, putting your business directly in front of the consumers who need your products or services. As a result, you’ll have a bigger return on investment since you’ll reach people with greater interest in your business.

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