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Why Your Growing Business Needs a CRM

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Fri, Apr 01, 2022 @ 11:16 AM

Depositphotos_142343670_L-1CRM, or customer relationship management, is a necessary tool in any growing business. On average, businesses who use a CRM see an 29% increase in sales (Hubspot). If you love organization and accessibility, then a CRM is for you. 

You’re probably thinking, “How can a CRM benefit my business?”. The simple answer is; if you are not using a CRM, your competitor is. 91% of businesses with 10 or more employees have CRM software implemented. 

Continue to read to learn why so many businesses see the value of implementing CRM software within their strategy. 

Increased Automation 

Using a CRM allows your growing business to organize customer data to streamline customer analytics. Boring, repetitive administrative tasks are now a thing of the past. Growing businesses use a CRM to increase automation and become more cost efficient, allowing you to spend your time focusing on more important aspects of your business, like customer relationships. 

Grow Your Sales

Implementing a CRM into your business allows you to map your sales process and organize sales data. The use of a CRM program gives salespeople every detail available to them regarding customer data right at their fingertips. Businesses who use a CRM system on average see an increase of 34% in sales team productivity (Hubspot). CRM software can  automatically segments customers and organizes prospects more efficiently and less costly than other methods. 

Increased Productivity on Your Team

Using a CRM acts as a “personal assistant” for everyone on your team. Data is centralized and easily accessible, allowing your team to be more productive. A CRM can enhance team collaboration and maintain communications.  Your entire team has access to customer data, which allows all departments to include this data in their processes. A CRM can simplify communication and collaboration on your team, thus increasing productivity.

CRM Grows with You

As your business grows, you are able to retain data through a CRM no matter how long you have been using the software. These types of software are built to grow alongside your business as you process more sales and record a vast amount of customer data. As more sales roll in, the software is able to process the data and continue to speed up the selling process by organizing sales data and generating customer insights. A CRM allows you to keep up with increased demand.

Better Relationships with Prospects

CRM software gives you the advantage of tracking prospect activity and scaling your sales processes all in one place. You will be able to track communications with prospects and can set up reminders to follow up with prospects. A CRM gives enhanced insight on prospects by recording data regarding resources they have received, how long they have looked at these resources, and if they clicked on any external resources in your marketing messages. The relationship between your business and prospects is vastly improved by CRM software. 

Cross Sell Better 

Don’t ever miss a cross selling opportunity again when you use a CRM. With data regarding demographics, customer segmentations, interests, and other qualifications, CRM software records and implements this data so your products reach the right customers at the right time. Give your business an extra boost by letting a CRM automate cross selling. A CRM system has the ability to track the customer journey so cross selling is implemented at the correct time. Let a CRM take away the stress of timing your sales process, as these processes are all automated within the software. 

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