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5 Facebook Tips for Law Practices

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Tue, Jan 28, 2020 @ 09:45 AM

Facebook Tips for Lawyers

Social media has become more impactful than ever before in 2020. Businesses small and large have turned to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to grow their brands and build on their clientele. Yet, all to often attorneys or lawyers can overlook the potential impact social media platforms can have on their practices. Facebook alone houses over a billion users from which a clear strategy, and a little effort, can easily pay off. Here are 5 Facebook tips on how to reach those future clients.

Build Your Brand

As a lawyer or Attorney building a strong costumer relationship is crucial for success. Facebook utilizes a similar approach by creating a clear and concise message for those viewing your page. Brand awareness is what separates a great page from a forgettable one. Be you a Bankruptcy, Family, or Criminal practice, specify clearly label yourself, then building upon that label. Short slogans, practice values, and custom banners, all help separate you from the rest. Clarity with a prominent message is the first place to start when targeting your audience.

Media is Everything   

Interactive media rules on social platforms. Be it a series of 30 second videos breaking down the best ways to prepare for a DUI trail, or a podcast explaining the ins and outs of a child custody battle.

No matter the topic, regular audio and video pieces engage audiences creating a wider pool of potential clients. Each take little time or financial investment to create, yet can deliver valuable information and provide a face to potential clients. 

Be Specific     

Brand and media are both crucial in creating a fluid and informative Facebook page for your law practice. However, it is pivotal to understand your specific demographic before promoting your content. Location, age, and education are obvious places to start. Criminal lawyers may focus on a demographic in the mid 20’s while a family lawyer may instead focus on an older age group.

Law practices can dive still further looking at what interests its audiences. Target filters such as Family relationships, Food and Drink, and even hobbies and activities. The more you study what interests your clients the more you are able to reach them.

Sell, Sell, Sell  

Facebook Ads are not just highly customizable, but also among the most affordable and accessible of any social platform. Choose how long your campaign will run, how much you will spend each day, and even what engagements you are looking to prompt.

Promote your practices website, provide questionnaires to fill out, or push video content. Facebook Ads start at a dollar a day, but with an interactive and insightful Facebook page, the upside to spending more is explicitly clear.

Facebook Audience Insights

Analytics have grown increasingly useful in the digital age. Knowing what works and what doesn't, and more specifically, knowing why. Promoting you law practice relies solely on who your content interests. Facebook Insights looks at your page and breaks down what works and what falls short.

This allows you to understand which demographics interact with your content the most. Pair together strong Ad campaigns with analytically driven Facebook Insights and the results can only be increasingly positive.

Image Works, LLC | Social Media Management

Facebook is an incredible tool, and when used correctly can build a plethora of potential clients for law firms. Whether you are just starting to build your page, or simply need to amplify your social media presence, Image Works can help you get the results you’re looking for.

In a digital era Facebook provides the perfect platform to reach millions of potential clients. With so much potential, now may be the best time to rethink how you approach Facebook as a tool to promote your practice.

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