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5 Handy Online Resources for Digital Marketing

Posted by Dean Ravenola on Mon, Nov 11, 2019 @ 01:17 PM

Marketing your business online can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with either social media or digital marketing strategies. There are social profiles you need to set up, post content you need to create, photos that you need to format properly. Luckily, there are a number of helpful resources online for business owners looking to promote their company through online channels. Here are some of the most powerful tools for digital marketing you can find online.

Online resources


When planning a paid or organic search marketing strategy, deciding upon optimal keywords is crucial. Spyfu is a helpful resource that allows business owners to take a look at their competitor's marketing plan. Spyfu enables users to see every place their competition appears on Google, organic rank, ad variation, and keyword they have ever bought on Adwords. It even includes "smart recommendations" that are designed to drive clicks to your SEO or Adwords campaigns.

Google Ads Blog

If you are putting together a paid search marketing plan, then you should stop by the official Google Ads blog. Besides staying in the loop with every update as it comes to Google Ads, this blog is an excellent resource for comprehensive articles about ad creation, management, and ways to drive growth across the customer journey.


Buffer is the perfect social media marketing tool for business owners looking to run several different social profiles on various social media platforms. Buffer allows users to schedule their posts out in advance over multiple social channels. It also comes with a host of impressive features such as photo editing, group collaboration, and detailed data analytics about social media performance.


If you are looking to run an inbound marketing campaign and want to consolidate your efforts under one application, Hubspot is your answer. This all-in-one platform offers marketing, sales, and customer service software with a completely free CRM at its core. The marketing hub provides you with tools to grow website traffic and convert visitors into leads while the sales hub includes resources that can automate repetitive tasks and help you gain valuable insights into prospects. The customer service hub can be used to connect with customers, set up support services, and turn clients into promoters that grow your business. Hubspot also runs a very informative blog that is chock-full of digital marketing research and tips.


If you are looking to create more video content for a content marketing strategy, look no further than Vidyard. Vidyard allows users to quickly create video content and automatically generates an audio transcript to optimize your video for search engines and accessibility. These videos can be filmed using only your webcam or by sharing your screen so that you can walk viewers through certain online tasks. You can also insert calls-to-action directly into the video to direct prospects to your website. Vidyard can even be connected to your Hubspot account if you spring for one of the more comprehensive packages.

ImageWorks, LLC | CT Digital Marketing

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