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5 Holiday Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Tue, Nov 28, 2017 @ 01:50 PM

The holiday season is now in full swing. Retail stores and malls are full of lights and Christmas decorations, and so are our Instagram feeds. Instagram is a great tool to help market your business and encourage sales. In order to maximize sales during the holiday season, it’s important to keep your posts relevant. Here are some tips to improve your Instagram marketing strategy during the holiday season.

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1. Add a Holiday Theme to Your Profile

Adding a holiday theme to your profile is a great way to keep your brand festive and relevant during the holiday season. Add a holiday sentiment to your bio, but keep it short and concise. Consider giving your profile picture a festive spin as well. Adding a holiday theme to your profile will get your followers excited about the holiday season and ready to make holiday purchases.

2. Ask Holiday-Themed Questions

Asking holiday-themed questions is a great way to encourage engagement on your posts. Include a fun holiday image and a short, specific question that your followers will want to answer. Consider “choose your favorite” type questions that relate to both the holidays and your customer. Place two relevant images side by side and ask, “Which one would you rather see under the Christmas Tree?” Questions of this sort will help encourage engagement on your posts and stay relevant during the holiday season.

3. Use User-Generated Content

Encourage your followers to take pictures of themselves using your product in holiday settings. Make it fun for them to share these pictures. Consider a contest with a hashtag to encourage these photos and to make it easy for you to sort through. Using user-generated content is a great way to create excitement and engagement around your brand and generate a large volume of holiday-themed content for your brand.

4. Post In-Store Photos

Consider posting photos inside the store. Show off your holiday decorations to show your followers that your business has the holiday spirit. Highlight in-store holiday events such as visits from Santa or charity events. Posting in-store photos is a great way to make your brand feel more personal and stay relevant during the holiday season.

5. Highlight Holiday Sales and Discounts

Use high-quality photos that mention special sales going on during the holiday season. Include coupon codes and links to your website so that your followers can easily access your sales and make a purchase. Consider holding Instagram-exclusive sales with coupon codes that cannot be found anywhere else. When you highlight your sales on platforms like Instagram, your followers will be encouraged to make impulse purchases.

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