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5 Quick Tips To Refresh or Repurpose Old Blog Content

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Mon, Nov 28, 2022 @ 01:04 PM

Repurposed Blog ContentFresh content is at the heart of your inbound marketing and SEO efforts. Posting new, fresh, and engaging content helps users to find you, spreads the word about your brand, and can get people interested in what you have to say and offer. Now imagine being expected to crank out new content day after day and month after month with no sign of respite!

Even for gifted writers, that sounds quite daunting. What's a writer to do? The answer is simple: repurpose your best blog material and turn it into fresh, new material that can bring in more traffic and higher conversion rates. This tactic only works if you do it well, so take heed. This blog offers five quick tips to help struggling content creators to refresh or repurpose old blog content.

Change The Format

One of the best (and easiest) ways to repurpose your existing content is to take a blog post, and turn it into something else: a speech, podcast, or video perhaps.

Some of your posts might make sense to be republished in a visually appealing infographic format, which could result in your content being spread to a wider audience, as many people do prefer images to text.

Note: It can be quite difficult to reuse text online, as you may run into duplicate content issues if you are not careful enough. These issues can negatively impact your SEO, so by changing the format, you can avoid this problem.

Refresh/Update Old Material

Your company's blog archive holds an ocean of information. Sift through your posts for topics that were successful and refresh them by updating the posts with new information or by adding new material.

This is a noble excuse to reuse your old content, while also providing your readers with high-level quality content that has performed well before. However, you should be careful: make sure the original posts you are refreshing can exist on their own for years to come.

Create an eBook

You can expand some of your existing content within an eBook. Many quality eBooks begin as blog posts. If you opt to create an eBook based on the information in your blog posts, be sure to take the extra time to supplement additional information or research.

Add some photos as well, to ensure the eBook is worth the additional investment.  Once you have completed the eBook, you can use this piece of content to further grow a subscriber list. eBooks have a reputation as quality content that provides readers with exceptional value.

Flip Your Position

Why not explore the opposing view of your previous article?  Let’s say you wrote a post, “5 Ways To Brush A Horse.” From this, you could write another post, aptly titled, “5 Ways NOT To Brush a Horse. The point is: even if you are writing about a topic you have already thoroughly explored in the past, you don’t have to stick to the same script. Keep the same topic interesting by exploring the other side, or opposing views.

Harness The Power Of Reddit

Reddit is a a popular website with forums organized by topics, offering user-generated links where users can vote to promote stories to the front page. So, if you write a blog post about SEO, for example, it would be beneficial to create a Reddit account and share your post. Be sure to ask questions to spur engagement on the post.
There are numerous creative ways to spread your post through Reddit’s different “subreddits” For example, “Explain It Like I’m Five,” is a subreddit where users try to explains difficult concepts as simply as possible. So, this would be a great creative avenue to share a blog post that attempts to simplify a nuanced topic.

Include Content In A Newsletter

Newsletters present a great opportunity to send your customers small blurbs of information regarding your content.

You can use newsletters as an opportunity to show off your most popular content and send links to articles related to those summarized in your original email to them. Email newsletters are a great way to engage an existing audience, and provide a perfect channel for content promotion.

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