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6 Holiday Email Marketing Tips

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Thu, Dec 07, 2017 @ 02:30 PM

Social media is crucial to marketing during the holiday season, but you shouldn’t neglect your email marketing. A strong email marketing campaign is a great way to engage with your previous customers and encourage them to keep coming back. During the holidays, specialized email marketing can help boost your sales while getting customers excited about the holiday season. Here are some tips to improve the success of your email marketing this holiday season!

holiday email marketing

1. Write an Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

Without a good subject line, your customers will never open your email. In order to increase your opening rates, consider a holiday-related subject line that will get your customers excited about the season. You should also consider incorporating holiday emojis into your subject line, as brands using emojis have seen a 45% increase in their open rates.

A sales-driven subject line can also be an effective approach, explicitly stating your offer, with phrases like “free shipping,” and “50% off.” This approach will encourage readers to make purchases. Time-sensitve subject lines, such as “last chance to act” can also be effective, creating a sense of urgency.

2. Use a Holiday Theme

Within the content of your email, you should use a holiday theme. Consider puns that incorporate favorite holiday songs and wish all of your subscribers a happy holiday season. Be sure to incorporate holiday visuals as well. Without losing your distinct branding colors and logo, incorporate holiday images and colors where possible. Be sure to keep your content clear and easily visible on mobile devices, as over half of emails sent out are opened via mobile device.

3. Send a Holiday Gift Guide

A holiday gift guide is a great way to highlight your products and promote sales. Create individual specialized gift guides for different demographics, such as a holiday gift guide for dads, for girlfriends, for boys, or other specific gender and age groups. Also consider holiday gift guides centered around price points, such as “gifts under $50.” Holiday gift guides are a great way to highlight certain products and encourage sales.

4. Promote Your Sales

One of the most important aspects of generating revenue during the holiday season is to highlight and promote your sales. Send out emails describing these sales and including promo codes. Provide subscribers with exclusive sales that only they have access to, or grant them early access to sales. Providing special sales for your subscribers will make them feel appreciated and encourage them to make purchases.

5. Send Last Minute Deals

Last minute deals are an important part of your marketing strategy. Create taglines such as “there’s still time,” guaranteeing shipping by Christmas. Create a sense of urgency, telling readers information such as, “order by noon today to get it by Christmas Eve.” Last minute deals are essential; in 2016, December 23 was the biggest spending day of the holiday season after Black Friday. Therefore, last minute deals will encourage customers to make their last minute purchases from you.

6. Send Post-Holiday Emails

Deals that immediately follow the holiday season will help keep your sales momentum going after Christmas. Encourage your subscribers to fix their post-holiday blues with a shopping trip, and to exchange their gifts for what they really want. Marketing emails with post-holiday sales will remind your subscribers to keep your business in mind after the holiday season is over.


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