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6 Tips to Spice Up Your Monthly Email Newsletter

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Fri, Nov 16, 2018 @ 10:15 AM

Email newsletters are a great way for businesses to keep in contact with clients. It provides an opportunity to remind your clients of your business every month, foster a connection with them, and humanize your business with real voices. If you send a monthly newsletter, every so often you might run out of ideas. It can be difficult think of a new theme and new idea every month to keep your readers interested. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you spice up your monthly newsletter.

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1. Include Promotional Ideas

Adding a promotion to your newsletter is a great way to add interest and excitement to your email. You can create a special coupon, either printable or with a coupon code, that is only available to newsletter recipients. You might also consider promoting a new product or service in this area. Another great promotional idea is “refer a friend,” where a client gets a special deal for referring a friend to your business or to the newsletter. When you include an exclusive promotion in your newsletter, you give your readers a treat for being a subscriber, making them feel special and showing them you care about your clients.

2. Add Useful Content

Promotions and photos are great, but you should consider including useful content to your newsletter as well. Don’t just talk about your company; provide some actual value for your readers. Consider lists of helpful tips related to your industry or a useful how-to article. When you include educational content, subscribers will enjoy reading your newsletter and be more likely to actually read it, rather than simply deleting it or marking it read. The more useful the content in your newsletter is, the more likely you’ll be to retain your subscribers.

3. Promote Your Blog

If you have a blog, your newsletter is a great place to promote it. You can highlight the best articles you did that month, linking to each article. Your newsletter is a great place to show off the best content you’ve created that month. Additionally, adding blog posts to your newsletter is a great way to add value to your readers. Most businesses blog about educational content that clients will want to read, so promoting your blog is a great way to provide that educational content.

4. Write a Letter From the Owner

Including a letter from your business owner in your company newsletter is a great way to personalize your newsletter. Not only will a letter from the owner make your newsletter more personal, but it will also humanize your company, showing that it’s made up of real, relatable people. Additionally, because the letter is from the owner, readers will feel important and like your company cares about its clients at every level.

5. Show Off Your Employees

To add a personal touch to your monthly newsletter, consider highlighting your employees. Consider an employee profile, highlighting a different employee each month. You can also include photos of your employees, especially when they’re doing fun things like decorating for the holidays or dressing up for Halloween. Silly or fun pictures of employees is a great way to add faces to your company and show off your company culture. To add a fun, interesting element to your monthly newsletter, show off your people.

6. Connect to the Time of Year

Different times of the year lend themselves very well to newsletter themes. The holiday season is an obvious one, but you can also mention changing weather or other traditions associated with certain times of the year. When you can relate your brand to times of the year, your newsletter will be more relevant to your readers. They’re more likely to read and care about your newsletter when they find it interesting and relevant. For an easy way to add a fun twist to your newsletter, include a seasonal theme both in your layout and content.


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