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Mobile Website Development

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Fri, Jun 01, 2012 @ 08:42 PM

Frequently, customers come in looking for a custom App to be developed, and what we soon discover is that they would be far bettered served by the creation of a Mobile Website Development platform. So, how do you determine which is the right platform for you?

When it comes to deciding whether to build an App or a mobile website, the answer depends on your busienss needs. If you are developing a specific program, such

Mobile Website Developmentas a game, a calculator, or some specific interactive program, an app is probably what you are looking for. But: If your goal is to offer your content to a wide audience in a mobile-friendly format, the again, it's mobile Website development that you want.

In fact, with smartphones so prevelant, you should check your website statistics out, and see what percent of your visits are coming from mobile Web browsers. And, I suspect some of you are going to be surprised. Was your Web site designed with mobile compatability in mind? If not, it may be very simple and cost effective to create a scaled down, mobile app.
Another advantage of Mobile Websites over App creation, is that mobile websites are available instantly without requiring download and intsallation of new programs, and consumers can just google your info natively, as opposed to having to "find" your app - a significant barrier between initial engagement and action/conversion. 

Interested in learning more? Download our FREE Mobile Design Manifesto. A "Best Practices" guide for Moblie Website Development.

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