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The Best Reasons Why You Should Hire An Inbound Marketing Agency

Posted by Jesse Cohen on Mon, Jul 23, 2012 @ 08:45 AM

Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency is a big investment. The upfront costs can be intimidating for many business owners, especially for those unfamiliar with the term 'Inbound Marketing' to begin with. To squash any irrational fears, let's first see what exactly an Inbound Marketing Agency will do for you company.

Keyword Research: Inbound Marketers will find the best keywords for your website, promoting organic SEO.

Website Tracking: They will use programs to follow your site's performance, using up to date information to make informed decisions regarding your site.

Competitor Watch: They will identify and observe your  competitors' techniques and explain methods to get on top.

Inbound MarketingSoftware Training: They will train you and your employees to use their Inbound Marketing tools, which allows for more autonomous control over your own site.

Increase In Sales: They will use lead2conversion techniques to move your clients through the sales funnel.

Content Optimization: They will teach you how to create better content, which will draw more visitors to your site.

Social Networking: They will show you the hidden power of business social media.

Now that you know the key practices of any good Inbound Marketing Agency, let's justify the cost. As mentioned above, hiring an agency is an investment- paying a little more money upfront to make a lot more money down the road. And while it may seem more cost efficient to spearhead your own Inbound Marketing campaign, you're not going to get very far on your own. And while you sit around, thinking you 'saved' money, your competitors sales are increasing tenfold. There's a wealth of free information on Inbound Marketing on the Internet, and I highly recommend you do some research. However, it takes an experienced company to synthesize that information into tried and true marketing techniques, ensuring growth. That's where an Inbound Marketing Agency comes in.

Now, don't think that hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency means you're giving complete control of your business to another firm. The agency is more like a teacher, there to guide and teach you, in the hopes that one day you'll have enough knowledge to be on your own. Don't be afraid to question the agency's practices. Ask for explanations.

To summarize, Inbound Marketing Agencies have two goals. First, is to drive visitors to your website using a variety of tools and techniques. Second, is to then take those visitors and turn them into paying clients for your company. While upfront fees can seem daunting, you'll ultimately emerge out of the pack of your competitors as a leader.

ImageWorks can offer a complete Inbound Marketing package, with training included.

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