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Create A Unique Company Internet Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jesse Cohen on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 @ 12:46 PM

One of our most common buzzwords tossed around the office here is content. This is usually in reference to Search Engine Optimization. Properly optimized content is vital for any site that wants to be recognized by Google and other popular search engines. But, content doesn't, and shouldn't, be only text.

Now, images and tasteful fonts are nice. But there are other forms of content which offer a more significant level of engagement for the user. High levels of engagement are what you want in your site, as this decreases your site's bounce rate and increases potential sales. Here are a few great kinds of content for you to consider for your site:

Infographics: These little charts are excellent information delivery vehicles. If made well, they are easy and fun to read. They capture interest well simply because they are rare and unique. A good infographic requires an investment, whether it be time or money. But, the investment will pay for itself as more traffic will be driven to your site as users share your content.

Videos: While unable to attract search engine spiders, videos are excellent additions to websites. The variety of content will naturally increase the quality of your website. Business videos can cover a range of topics, so they are a good fit for just about any business. For example, you can create an advertisement, a how to guide, or maybe an introduction to your company on your About Us page. The possibilities are virtually endless. And remember, don't be afraid to invest a little money into the video(s). You get what you pay for, and in the online business world, quality is everything.

Podcasts: These audio only files have a few advantages over video. They can be downloaded and played by any mp3 player or iPod, which means you're allowed to increase the length of the talk substantially. Podcasts really allow you to go in-depth, delving into complicated topics concerning your business. This type of content will engage your readers even after they leave your site, which is a huge advantage.Web Content

Forum Page: Depending on your site, you may want to include a forum page where visitors can discuss varying topics related to your site. If you are going to commit to such a feature, though, you should make sure the page is moderated. You are someone else should monitor the posts to make sure people aren't doing anything unprofessional. If utilized correctly, a forum is a great way to increase traffic to your site, promote repeat visitors to your site, and encourage community feedback for your business.

These forms of content are relatively new to websites, and therefore, are not as trite or overused. And, because they are all free, your site visitors will be happy that you've provided them with valuable information for no charge. Interested in integrating one or more of these features into your existing website? Contact us today.

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