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Best Web Designers in New Haven CT

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Wed, Jan 23, 2013 @ 12:19 PM

One of the interesting aspects to the Web design market in CT is the fact that CT Web Design companies are often turned to as alternatives to the Boston Web Design and New York Web design communities. This is likely due to the somewhat lower costs and incredible education pool exsiting in the Connecticut market. As a result, businesses have a large selection of talented Web designers in CT to choose from, especially New Haven.

UnknownDespite the fact that ImageWorks has launched many custom Web site projects in Boston, New York, and Connecticut, our customers often times want to know who some of the other Web designers in the area are. And with our continued focus on transparency and education at ImageWorks, here are a few designers to consider as you're looking at a custom Web design project.

1. Elm City Web Design: Located in the New Haven Area area, Elm City Web design has been around since 2004. Focusing on Associations and Groups, the firm has been generating clean code and custom applications for many years now. Recently, they appear to have branched out to North Carolina. 

2. Digital Surgeons: A very creative firm, Digital Surgeons has been a main player in the New Haven area for quite some time. Using open source technology, such as PHP and MySQL, DS has created some very interesting layouts and design.

3. KnockMedia: KnockMedia has been in business for over a decade and specializes in everything from web design, to webapps, to new media marketing, and more. Having built, designed, and marketed hundreds of websites and applications for customers of all industries, it's clear to see why KnockMedia is recognized as a leader in what they do. 

So there are a few companies you may consider as you go about your Web developer research. Although I can't say these companies are 'the best' of New Haven per se, they do have an established history in the area.

Of course, if you have a business in CT, have a need for a custom Web development project and are looking to have a conversation with an education based Web design company, ImageWorks is always ready to discuss your project.

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