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Internet Marketing Tips (Continued)

Posted by Rachelyn Provencher on Mon, Jan 28, 2013 @ 12:30 PM

A few weeks ago we posted a very popular blog on Internet Marketing Tips from an Inbound Marketing Agency. The post was such a hit that ImageWorks LLC is here to offer a few more essential tips for your business. As a social media marketing agency, we are constantly inundated with the latest and greatest of inbound marketing and Internet marketing tools of the trade. Trust us, don't jump on the most recent Internet marketing bandwagon until you have decided if it will work right for your business.

Internet marketing tips

Build a relationship. We mentioned in the past that today successful marketers know the importance of sharing their content on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Using social media to share content is important, but interaction with those in the social media sphere is JUST as important. Don't be afraid to reach out to those that are following you and seem interested in your business. People like to be part of the conversation, not just talked at. We recommend building a consistent relationship with your key publics by asking questions, taking questions, providing information tailored to them, and using their contributions and thoughts. 

Content. Content. Content. Blogging is important because it shows that your business is serious and consistent about providing great information and content. A blog is only as good as the content that it includes, so do not disappoint your readers by posting a blog that is lackluster in content. We mentioned that consistency is key in blogging, but it should also be in your writing style. Once you brand your business as a leader in your industry, you should be producing great content that shows you know what you are talking about. So why are you just sitting there? Get up and go write!

Have a purpose. What is the point of blogging, posting on social media, or building relationships if you don't have a purpose? No matter what you think, everyone is trying to get you to do something on the Internet. Download this, buy this, donate to this cause or try our latest service- everyone is selling something. Whatever it is that your are offering, you need to make it worthwhile to the audience. One of our biggest Internet marketing tips is to always remember that your reader's attention is very valuable and you should not waste their time or their efforts.

Use long-tail keywords. We always stress the importance of keywords, because they greatly increase the chances of someone finding your website. There are different types of keywords, however, some that are easier and harder to rank for. We recommend using long-tailed keywords, because they are easier to rank for and have a higher rate of conversion. These are keywords that are a little bit longer (think poodle diet, instead of just poodle). This approach helps attract customers who are actually looking for information on poodle diets, and not just pictures and research on poodles themselves. Long-tail keywords help generate traffic and eventually lead to success with shorter keywords. Don't forget to think like a client when it comes to keywords.

These tips, along with those that we have offered in the past, are a great place to start your Internet marketing strategy. Download our FREE Internet Marketing eBook for more complete details.

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